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by Serocs

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Anthropic 05:16
Creeping in, Sordid little simpletons in a pile of gluttonous flesh Whirling in a grotesque canvas Architects of devotion and deviance with beliefs swamped in lunacy A castle sealed shut Swarming in chaos and unable to fathom the madness Forging illusions grander than thou Spilling deeds beyond grasp Endings traced in vivid colors Dripping from undying growth With opulence come fumes of decay A scent of death to inhale anxiously From the trees burnt out of vapid hunger And beheaded lineages beheaded lineages The gardeners of Eden Lie below the waist of the earth Unable to restore the plunge Condemning the surface Desanctify, crowning the eye! Swallowing thy lungs restlessly With our innards alight! Lest we forget how to breathe For when lands will exhaust None shall know what to devour A giant with an open mouth Exhibits his innards Filling them with ash The inert perfumes his fate Masquerading as they might Babel towers fall and kingdoms burn The deformed fruits of ashen vines Drop dead and crush our dreams ‘‘Tremble and obey’’ As bowels of the earth convulse And digest the hearts of feebles Who sought the mandate of heaven Warring in convex chambers Deformed faces dance Mutating their way Into labyrinthine convulsions Coroners of Machiavelli Solely art in darker realms Let them hear the cries Of the bright broiling bodies With buildings set aflame All achievements crumble and in the mist of ignition They appear hollow Watch it burn and consume its remains And in the mist of ignition The powers that be appear hollow There is no use in fleeing Such an incommensurable force Deities, long masticated Shall not save a single soul By erecting pedestals On the ceilings of the world A fall is impending Yet creation is irresistible Bathing in polluted waters We vomit the dices with which We gamble with stolen fortunes Fiends perched from the sky Revel in amusing sights Fools served on a silver plate The order of the spineless The scheme is intangible Cogs spin by the thousands Splitting limbs with delight And blocking the arteries of life With lutes and fiddles Larger than life Lacing the way to extinction plucking strings with unreason Observe this monstrous invention Observe, for this is our own Gazing in sulfur Fetched from lust and envy The sins we extract from the soil The gardeners of Eden Lie below the waist of the earth Unable to restore the plunge Condemning the surface
Sculpting the pillars of a castle 
Where wanderers lose themselves
 Scratching the dust of the earth
 To extract minerals and matter
 Gold and diamonds turning sands into ornaments

 Building a shrine upon vanishing sands
 Resting on empty shells…

 Eroded and dormant
 Sculpting the pillars
 Stalagmites pierce the ground and drain the soil
 Until shining objects breathe faith into avarice
 Sinking enclaves below our riches
 Bleeding the earth to elusion Cover these walls with skin
 Lavishly absorbing the sands
 So that the jewels be forged
 Out of roots despoiled Cover these walls with skin
 Lavishly absorbing the sands
 From our roots disavowed Roaming through the maze
 Where corridors bend and deflect
 Tilting over frail foundations
 Eating themselves to void

 Une arche pour les dévots
 dont les fondations s’effritent
 Ne laissant que texture rugueuse 
Encombrant la refonte
 S’emparer du charme pour tout condamner Scratching the golden marrow
 Despite destructive harvests
 Despite dearth, sculpting on
 and the sands keep flowing Cracking the pillars
 Guts eroded and bones fractured
 Gorged with gravel
 Reclaimed from the lands they rest upon
 May we restore what has shattered Despite destructive harvests
 The sands keep flowing
 Scratching the golden marrow 
Such voracity is boundless
 Robbed from their colors 
The crops turn to stone
 and feed the designs 
which enslave the masses 
engulfed in adornments Chasing extinct honors
 in unfurling walls
 Miners by the thousands 
and none to atone Minus the defilers
 Hidden in the black crests
 of the frame vapidly devised
 by hands buried in clay

 The shrine once built 
A castle deformed
 Cast in soiled organs 
That once salted the waters
Clouding the towers above Towering above clouded eyes A circle of words, worming around oblivion It preserves light, it engulfs fears Absorbing all shades, blinding the beholder Yet no hand reaches for the sky No sight colors the ashes Scattered under layers of dust, An excess of flesh pollutes the creed As the fables of times immemorial pile We see no end to the scribe’s endeavor A senseless lore shall be the death of the absurd man Devoid of devices but a deviant mill Through which no river flows Leaking with flies The tower grows With obtuse minds and comforting shelters The fog does not obstruct It balms the wandering of lost souls And below lie plebeians quenched with diversions Never to notice the might Never to mourn the confusion Never to notice the might A flock of precepts Swarming in front of fools Their timeless truths Boiling to exhaustion Bathing in doctrine Sunned to certainty Even the fool may question the meaning Of blurred wisdom Axioms rotting in jewel coffins Once enlightened by pristine purity A burden to decipher An ennui to cherish But look through the ivory Don’t you see this shapeshifting temple? With heights evermore tragic Is the distance concealing you beneath?
Lodged in the crevasses of fading looks With empty cavities to blind and mute us These gorgeous depths to linger Elegantly widened Imperishable fictions A model fed with greed and sloth Indolence condemns and impulse hollows Those who fail Those who fail to know their creation Sucked in the current Levitating in parts through the insides of this expanding entity Voracious and virtuous For all the clusters of flesh laying here An absurdity glorified For all the clusters of flesh laying here None so void To permeate balance lodged between goals and restraint To permeate providence is to self devour Choking on the fabric These robes bury us Digesting insatiably The fears that fueled us A cathedral of flesh and fluids Revel in images abnormal These fleshy carvings leaking Melding lives into a funnel Ever flowing at odds Leaking out of the chalice Never to coalesce Empty sockets gaze at the past Recreating failures and mimicking achievements Impersonating the glutinous mass In which we now fester The golden matter from the throne we cast Melts into the arms of a monster (omniscient) These empty vessels are one, a disgusting figure with bright attire Feeding on itself eternally With visions of excess Like a ventriloquist swallowing its tongue We are drowning in waves of bile It breeds life into the garments Of our fragmentary designs The organs of the castle, intertwined Their walls thinned to obliquity Shallow alleys of minced hopes Upholding aesthetics of disembowelment Les morceaux de trônes coulant, Un mirage d’abondance se dessine et esquisse une source d’une alléchante toxicité La chute se fait aisément le long de parois visqueuses Nous laissant digérer sans relâche, avec la tête hors de l’eau, finement logée dans la gorge des papes hurlants Dévorant notre anomie…



Serocs strikes back with "Vore"!
The stellar line-up, featuring members of Chthe'ilist, Benighted and Sutrah, returns two years after their masterpiece "The Phobos/Deimos Suite" with a brand new EP consisting of 5 face melting tracks pushing once again the envelop of technical yet brutal Death Metal, the whole is enriched by two 2011 demo tracks that will showcase the staggering evolution of the band!

Serocs began in 2009 as a one-man project by guitarist Antonio Freyre who released 2 EPs and a full length album. The project later transformed into a full-blown international band with the release of 'The Next' and ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’ but it was only with "The Phobos/Deimos Suite" that the band exploded in its full brutal capacity.

For fans of Spawn Of Possession, Cryptopsy, Severed Savior and Gorguts


released June 26, 2020

Reamped, mixed and mastered by Hugues Deslauriers at Roarrr Sound Studio, Montreal.
Vocals engineered and recorded by Laurent Bellemare.
Guitars (Right channel) engineered by Merlina E. Zawpup, recorded by Antonio Freyre.
Guitars (Left channel) and bass recorded by Antoine Daigneault.
Drums recorded by Kévin Paradis at Paradise Lounge Studio, FR.
Solos on "Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands" recorded by Phil Tougas.
All lyrics written by Laurent Bellemare.
"Anthropic" music by Freyre, Daigneault and Tougas.
"Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands" music by Freyre.
"Shallow Vaults" music by Daigneault.
"The Temple Of Knowledge" music by Quinn Medefesser, Freyre and Daigneault.
"To Self Devour" music by Freyre, Daigneault and Tougas.

Laurent Bellemare - Vocals
Antonio Freyre - Guitar
Antoine Daigneault - Guitar, Bass
Kévin Paradis - Drums


© 2020 Serocs
℗ 2020 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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