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by Ferum




A morbid new creature arises from the Italian lands. Devoted to DEATH & DOOM and carrying the torch of Derkéta, Cianide, Temple of Void, Coffins and the likes, Ferum delivers 5 hymns of filth on their debut EP!

The first Ferum regurgitation took place in Bologna during 2017 when Angelica and Samantha decided to start a band with the aim to play death doom metal.
Later joined by Matteo fulfilling the bass duties and stabilizing as a 3 pieces line-up, the band started the writing process for the first release with Samantha writing all the musics later arranged with Angelica and Matteo. Noteworthy is the fact that the band has already been pushing the live side of their music with the help of an additional guitarist and has already shared the stage with bands like Valgrind, Undergang and Gorephilia among the others.
The debut EP “Vergence” was recorded in August 2018 at Art Distillery Studios and is composed by 5 tracks of raw death metal entrapped in morbid slow parts, the whole engraved by Samantha’s obsessive vocals. The Ep also showcases a cover from Cianide (a major influence for the band) and his graced by the voice of Marko Neuman (Convocation, Dark Buddha Rising) who left a deep scar of painful expression to the record.
The lyrics explore mental and physical states of asphyxiating discomfort and desolation taken from everyday experiences. These states inspired also the concept for the cover art: an undefined face pierced by thick thorns and evaporated on a layer of dreary blackness. The picture was taken and processed by Inchiostro Lisergico through with the method called “etching”, in which the design is incised and fragmented by acid, just as time does with reality.

“Vergence is the result of my passion for the Death/Doom scene combined to the tightest line up I've ever been playing with, as we could have given this debut the proper STENCH only by sharing the same mindset and enthusiasm. Plenty of shows are in the works already so be on the lookout for Vergence to reach you soon” (Samantha)

For fans of Derkéta, Cianide, Temple Of Void and Coffins


released December 14, 2018

Music and lyrics by Samantha except "Funeral" by Cianide
Arrangements by Ferum
Etchings and graphics by Inchiostro Lisergico
Recorded in August 2018 at Art Distillery Studios
Mixed and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio
Guest vocals in "Perpetual Distrust" by Marko Neuman
Feedback sample in Subconscious Annihilation recorded at Monumental Cemetery of Messina
“Ed è subito sera” poem by Salvatore Quasimodo

Samantha - Guitars, Vocals
Matteo - Bass
Angelica - Drums


© 2018 Ferum
℗ 2018 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Siege Of Carnality
Lacerate my skin
Tear off every stain of dread

Their ephemeral presence, as monoliths
So breakable in truth, yet presuming to
Tower above all
Their tentacles, searching
Craving for the flesh

Inhaling the stench of desire

Carving my wounds wide
Silencing every shade of thought
Inward groan, ask nothing more
Witness the arise

Siege of carnality

The gates of flesh won’t open
Into the innermost level
For I am the only keeper of my abyss

And scared I am not to acknowledge
The ugly face of beauty

Lust for flesh
Pleasure for pain.
Track Name: Perpetual Distrust
What branches grow out of
This sick and weak place?
How infected the roots
Entangled in misery

Dust desert tearless land
In the mournful fields my eyes failed
And below we went down
Into this lurking void

I recall the phantoms of a thousand hours
Spent in the honeycomb of incomprehension
All those words, sharp as razors
Floading every shore of thought

Meant to hurt, but why?
Fade, the ember of doubt
Painting the shape of abandon
With indifference

The safeness of superficiality and selfishness
Their expressionless yet tender command
Perpetually devouring every cell

What was the point of no return?
There’s nothing left to feel
Just the need to contemplate silence
Craving for isolation.
Track Name: Subconscious Annihilation
End the cycle
On this tearless grave
Cover my ashes with the shadow
Throw them into eternal nothing

My bones lay under the stony ground
In which the voidless space swallows the dust

Never again will I behold
The purpled shores of
That grievous little city
Irradiating motionless

My coffin is carved out of unfilled desires
Earth’s maternal womb
Is eating back my remains
Yet it protects them
To which end?

Let them fade
Let me fade
Let me rot
Below your ancient shadow

Absence makes everything brighter
It consumes and eradicates
Too many believe to be different
Do they even try to understand?
Connecting with another human being
Is the hardest thing

Nothing can grow
Nothing can become
Nothing is ever truly fulfilled.

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