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The Three Appearances

by Assumption

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Gremlin Monroe
Gremlin Monroe thumbnail
Gremlin Monroe Weight of a planet, the collision of the dimensions Favorite track: Veneration Of Fire.
Camelus Dromedarius
Camelus Dromedarius thumbnail
Camelus Dromedarius Experimental death doom of a different kind. To the inexperienced listener, this album might not sound too special, just with some odd stuff here and there, but to those who have sifted through the underground extreme metal scene for some time, I encourage you to pause and hear this out. Assumption is no slouch when it comes to death, doom, or experimentation. The production is excellent and really makes for a pummeling and almost suffocating sound. Criminally underrated band. Favorite track: Veneration Of Fire.
Fraz thumbnail
Fraz Great album to chill and reflect with a pot of coffee. Fairly unique for it's time, it now sits in a space occupied by contemporaries with similar styles. But it's a really enjoyable mix of slow paced pummelling death metal interjected with avante-garde/experimental touches. Favorite track: The Three Appearances - Snang Gsum.
wearethetruevoidofindifference thumbnail
wearethetruevoidofindifference Doom death of the highest quality! Favorite track: Veneration Of Fire.
G.E.F. thumbnail
G.E.F. Crushing, merciless, heavy and sulphureous death/doom metal from Italy. Amazing EP. Favorite track: The Three Appearances - Snang Gsum.
YomaBarr thumbnail
YomaBarr Not everything low and heavy must be called doom right away, right? It's just low and heavy af, crushingly and absolutely beautifully devastating death metal of that numinous (I love the word) vein. FFO, say, Swallowed or Epitaphe and yeah ahead of its time it was.
This terrestrial weeping An elegy burned away Mortal degradation Changing in its state Revolve around The Watershed Life's outcast Gaze into its oblivion Thrown in the past Skeletal dreams Dismembered fate Ashen streams Bring flowery flames Marble and stone To contain The last moribund In coral chains
The gift of light That burns the night Together we adore Enraptured we implore... Let it begin Eons Spent awaiting for the time Celebration A power that will soon ignite Crawling to the shining infinity Gazing as our figures change A monstrous cup filled to the brim Ancient Might soon to be set ablaze Birth of immense energy Eyes burnt by the heat Chaos spawned from fire The Assumption has begun
Threefold is the way Of dissolution Through the experience Of death's stage Appearence, Increase, Attainment... We'll embrace luminosity. Connection between mind And body Will be cut As our elements Earth, fire, water, Wind and space Will merge into each other, Breath will reach its conclusion. The white essence shall descend From the forehead to the heart center, And so will the red element, Ascending from the navel Recognizing The very nature Of bliss and affliction... Consciousness dissolves.
Manifest no emanations Substance and shape Mean nothing here ...the Non-Existing (x2) When surface and core join Existence itself Breaks through ageless seals ...the Non-Existing (x2) Prison of the illusory realm The perfectly Uncreated is concealed We could get rid of our abhorrent Cycle, Free not to feel But if you'll try to visualize the non-existing Automatically A form will emerge. ...the Non-Existing (x2)


Assumption's staggering 2nd work "The Three Appearances", an EP clocking almost 30 minutes, is finally coming on vinyl for the first time ever after almost 6 years.
The Italian atmospheric and doomish death metal purveyors established themselves as one of the most imposing, experimental and visionary death-doom bands to emerge in the last decade. Possibly an entity even too unique and ambitious to be fully understood at the time of this release.
There will be finally justice to one of underground's metal most obscure works of the decade.

Initially started in 2011 as a studio-project with David on drums and Giorgio on vocals and all the other instruments, Assumption have managed to set up a live line-up throughout the years, sharing stages with bands such as Esoteric, Demilich, Sub Rosa and so on.

For fans of diSEMBOWELMENT, Disma, Incantation, Dead Congregation, Winter


released February 14, 2020

Drums recorded at 21° Livello Studios and engineered by Pietro Pitingaro.
Guitars, bass and synths recorded at Giorgio's home studio.
Vocals recorded at Tone Deaf Studio and engineered by Silvio "Spadino" Punzo.
Mixed by Giorgio - Everything done in early 2014.
Vinyl mastering by Carlo Altobelli during 2020.
Cover artwork by Daniele Lupidi.

Giorgio - Guitar, Vocals, Bass and Synths
David - Drums


© 2014 Assumption
℗ 2020 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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Everlasting Spew is a label/mailorder based in Italy with the focus to bring you selected titles from bands and labels that distinguished themselves for their quality. We come from two decades of passion and dedication into the genre.
Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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