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The Phobos​/​Deimos Suite

by Serocs




"The Phobos/Deimos Suite" revives the brutal tech-death style of the late 90s/early 2000s and includes ten devastating and mind-melting tracks! Featuring current members of First Fragment, Chthe'ilist, Funebrarum, Benighted & Sutrah, international combo Serocs is pure neural ecstasy!
The album takes inspiration from The Divine Comedy/A Christmas Carol and similar tales. It is the story of a selfish, piece-of-shit man who is terrified of death. Living in constant anxiety and isolation, he finds himself one night being attacked by sleep demons (mares), who transport him to Hell. There, he finds out that Hell is not the classic demon/fire/torture-ridden place, but Hell is inside our heads. Hell is our ego, our mistakes, our selfishness as mankind and as individuals.

Serocs began in 2009 as a one-man project by guitarist Antonio Freyre who released 2 EPs and a full length album. The project later transformed into a full-blown international band with the release of 'The Next' and ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’.
After 3 full lengths and some lineup changes, Serocs is back with a new album entitled "The Phobos/Deimos Suite".

For fans of Spawn Of Possession, Cryptopsy, Severed Savior and Gorguts


released October 26, 2018

Composed between 2008 and 2018.
Recorded between Summer 2017 and Spring 2018.
Reamped, mixed and mastered by Hugues Deslauriers at Roarrr Sound Studio, Montreal.
Vocals engineered and recorded by Laurent Bellemare.
Guitars (Left channel) engineered by Antonio Freyre at Serocs Studios, Guadalajara, MX.
Guitars (Right channel) engineered by Phil Tougas at Stygian Studios, Longueuil QC, CA.
Bass engineered and recorded by Antoine Daigneault.
Drums recorded by Kévin Paradis at Paradise Lounge Studio, FR.
Additional riffs on 05 by Marlon Friday.
Original lyrics on 02, 03 and 04 by Josh Smith, arranged by Laurent Bellemare.
Cover art: "June 27 - Crowned" by Nicola Samorì

Laurent Bellemare - Vocals
Antonio Freyre - Guitars
Phil Tougas - Guitars
Antoine Daigneault - Bass, Baglama, Acoustic Guitars, Synths
Kevin Paradis - Drums


© 2018 Serocs
℗ 2018 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Being
I am therefore I take
Appropriating nature’s offsprings
Without concern, without guilt
A pilgrimage for the ego
Eating the gods
To become a lord

Excess is a virtue by which I thrive
For this is all real and shall be my wealth
Equity is an invention obstructing the mind
Overcome this communal fable to achieve salvation

Being, transcend its boundaries
Beings, leave them to rot

A mere farce
This lane is meant for others
Infringe its laws
And flourish beyond primordial frailty

Being - transcend its boundaries
Beings - roaming without purpose

No other shall savor the excellence
As there can only be one suprahuman
Above the burden of material life
And the illusion of time

None is prophet in his land
This place is yours
A field for the disenchanted
A temple for the servile

Rejoice! Ignorance is bliss
What remains unknown does not hurt
Eyeless in Gaza, may you alienate yourselves to extravagance
And embrace reality

Carnival of plebs
Adoring an idol
Which I have become
Eager to exhaust matter
And exit my domain

What you call self-indulgence
Is a flame burning for freedom
A refusal to sink below the waist of the earth
And the delusion of being.
Track Name: Nihilus
Delusions of grandeur
A conceited mastermind
Self-proclaimed genius
Built on self-taught lies

Negating life as a sensory experience
Hidden behind a senseless shell of wisdom
Unable to peel the layers
An all-encompassing exile
The loss of essence

Narcissistic polarization
An egotistical divide
Hedonistic isolation

Between person and populous
Hedonistic isolation

Submerged in a flow of torments
Breeding endlessly as fractals
Disengage the mind
From the vacuity of the vessel
(From the vacuity of the vessel)

Sovereign from the blinding light
An appealing lure
Forever petrified by these thoughts
Shattered against the macroscopic scale

Behold a life of loneliness
Alienation self-prescribed
Ungrateful, senseless
A void of consciousness
Uneventful, meaningless
An eternity of nothingness

Intoxicated by a deadly obsession
Never to be shared
Consumed in the confines of a cell
Of which boundaries are imagined

Self made conceited pariah
Suffocating omniscient emptiness
Purpose becomes a fleeting afterthought
Death now consumes the mind.
Track Name: Thanatophobia
Behold, The crushing inevitability
The unavoidable black void
It looms on the horizon
As time begets the dusk of our existence

The unavoidable black void looms
On the horizon

Burdening thoughts of a finite continuance
Enveloped by blinding anxiety
Wrapped in a veil of dreadful visions
Lamenting death with every waking breath

Enslaved by a toxic mindset
Consumed by fear
A state of living as if already dead

Consumed by fear
Already dead

(Moments wasted)
Moments wasted, potential lost
A state of living as if already dead
Moments fleeting, profound cost

Death beckons at every turn
(Death beckons at every turn)
In waking or in slumber
Any moment could be the last
Insomnia spirals into madness

I dare not dream what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil.
Track Name: REM(nants)
Lost imprints, vague memories
How to recall vanishing deeds?
No clear recollection
A void to lose oneself
At the verge of falling
On a sublevel of coma
to stay there evermore

On the threshold of sleep
The blurring lines
Of conscious and unconscious
The mind takes reign

Abused, stiff, silent
Nurturing seeds of torment
These fragments of bitter defiance
Degrade as blistering fear swarms in perfect harmony
Flowing across a tense neural stream

Total darkness becomes a canvas
For a photismic masterpiece
Painted by the deep subconscious
Born in the twilight of waking

False sentence
Mutilated hopes of serenity
Shatter every instant
Ambiguous thoughts detonating

Total darkness becomes a canvas
For a photismic masterpiece
Painted by the deep subconscious
Born in the twilight of waking

Simple shapes become the pattern
From mist to vividness
Simple shapes become pattern
Patterns become form
Sights familiar yet unexplored

This synaptic euphoria
Then infused and immune
Foreshadows defunct creations
Oncoming enchantment, so distant

Abuse, slip, disappear
Deprivation shed all tears
Tragic visions be bled
A jolting burst
A sensation of falling
Quasi-hallucinogenic peril
A portal to the mind’s eye.
Track Name: Oneirology
for a severed head might do the trick
to keep alps and mares at bay
and save you from dying in your sleep

Swirling reality of obscure origin
No obsessive mare shall plague me
Until they swim all the waters
That flow upon the earth

But is their staring benign?
Are they aware of the signs?
Or am I trapped in a world
in which terror reigns nigh?

False awakening
surreal interpretation
their faceless expressions
and textless writing

Condemned to this weight
of eternal punishment
the mares' pressure
creeping up from below

False awakening
surreal interpretation
their faceless expressions
and textless writing

But is their staring benign?
and are they aware of the signs?
Or am I trapped in a world
in which terror reigns nigh?

Colors quickly turn to dust
A deceitful vignette starts to form
Oceans dry and mountains crumble
The mind becomes aware


for a severed head won't do the trick
to save our irrelevant human bodies
from the mare sitting on your chest.
Track Name: Revenants
I don’t want to be a man
I want to be held
In the cold embrace of Aamon

I don’t want to be a beast
I want to bathe
In the glorious waters of the Styx

Incubi and Succubi
Infested by Haagenti
And a thousand burning Foraii

Men who fear demons
See them all around
Men who become demons
In hell will be crowned

Not sephiroths,
Creatures from a distant past
A myth, non-existent
Consuming anxiety

Other beings yet to be conceived
Their appearance long forgotten
As their shapeless dogma
Forbade all depiction

Lipless smiles and fiery piles
Of human flesh - a filthy mess
Empty vessels
Summoned in many shapes
Lurking a path ubiquitous
Forever nameless

Lipless smiles and fiery piles

Towering at ten feet
Revenants pull at your teeth
Slowly disassembled
Pulled from beneath

Every single emotion
Even ones left unspoken
Burning as if corrosive
Damning the moment you were chosen

Ominous constellation mirroring human fear
No sun to worship in the absence of light
All beliefs converge in abyssal conclusions
A horrendous void of innumerable forms
Track Name: SCP-106
“Abide innumerable times more”
Would you not despair
And curse the demon that spoke thus?

The ferryman of ghosts
Kharon at his oar
His call impossible to ignore

Denial is finite, thus useless

No amount of repentance
Can nullify this sentence
For the ones looking for transcendence
Will find nothing but vengeance

Oh merciful Phlegyas
The all mighty deathless
Exit this realm
And save this soul

Delighted by sin
A fleshless hand will lead the way
To beautiful misery still unknown

“Come forth, hear my call, follow my lead
Descend into the antisphere
Where all becomes its opposite
Do not wander, do not drown in doubt”

An invitation so appealing
To ease the labor of existence
Resolving my fate
Release me from this corpse, marching downwards
Lest we contemplate abandon

No use for a carcass in this lane
Consume my ego,
Lest we contemplate abandon
(Lest we contemplate abandon)

Tunnels of vanishing width
Textures impalpable
Digesting souls of polymorphic shapes
A bottomless maze eating itself from above
Dragging remains that cannot be felt
Into a vertical nightmare
Shall it lead us to eden? (to eden).
Track Name: Nonbeing
Taken, I am not
Capitulating before the immensity of the cosmos
Regurgitating crowns and scepters
Dethroned, becoming extinct
Convicted and concerned - wealth devalued
Every crusade comes to an end

“Only maligns shall be fooled”
These words ignored come forth with rancor
Inventing a path asymmetrical
Where walls absorb and transform matter
No laws to infringe
In a lane meant for us
Grin swallowed,
Shrivelling back to pristine idleness
Fables of equals ingurgitated
Their salvation overthrown (overthrown)

Nonbeing (nonbeing)
Nonbeings, dissolve into the antisphere
Nonbeing, remodel as surface
Dissolve into the antisphere

Suffocating - No human life is supreme
Suffocating on excellence
A man aims for the sky
Climbing towers without zenith
At tragic heights
Enchant us with luxurious temples
That never shall be our home
Prophets will reclaim
The kingdoms denied to mortals

Dissolve into the antisphere
Remodel as surface
Immobilise in the mist of oblivion
Not to be

Knowledge is meaningless
What is known evaporates instantly, permeable truths
Eyes made of glass, may you gather ornaments
And enter impermanence

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”
A selfish fable extinguishing flames
Leaving nothing
But the delight of nonbeing

Adoration for none
Senses shall savor no feast
As matter exhausted
Does not transform.
Track Name: Deimos
Part I
No sight as empty as grief itself
Stuck in an accidental
Meeting of possibilities

Become endlessly unfilled
Quiet the restlessness of the mind
Only then will you witness
everything unfolding from emptiness

Introspection has no conclusion
When there’s nothing inside
But endless void

Become endlessly unfilled

A lost touch with chaos
After senseless pathos
Forget the self and fear nothing
Or embrace it and despair

Part II
Self-Indulgence of the mind and soul
Fulfillment impossible
For desire will both eat you
And leave you starving
Gnaw at the hand dragging you
A fatal entrance to abandon

Alienation self-prescribed
Quiet the restlessness of the mind
Inner being, fully exposed
Strands of rotting flesh, intertwined

Naked reality of falsified ego
Regressiveness of self
Imperceptible degradation
Of perceptible fixation

Visions of ill-shaped fiends
Turning a wheel of pain
To the sounds of trumpets
Hidden in the skies
Looking down on a mural
of micro torture scenes
Sharp ends gouging fire from earthen limbs
Spitting in the lungs of headless idols
Helplessness of thought
Descent into expulsion

Part III
Can you picture your despair?
Bowels levitating across inward clouds
Orbiting a tower of defunct kings
Magma spilled from their orifices

A thousand arms reach for the skin
Fragmenting an empty figure
Hauling the pieces at the edges of exospheres
Will it repent my way back?

Manifest transparence
Embrace simplicity
Reduce selfishness
Without promise of transcendence

So the unwilling soul
sees what's hidden
and the ever-wanting soul
sees only what it wants

Hate unto others
As they have hated unto thee
Acid that harms more its vessel
Than that on which it is poured

Engulfed in malignity
Crusaders sheltering my flesh
As scriptures burn
These words ignored
Come forth with rancor

Anger and imagination
Recipe for fixation
Savage self-frustration
The end of tender beginnings

Part IV
Es-tu ego?
Un monde de désenchantement
Englouti dans un néant intérieur
Et trahis par son écorce périssable

Les plaies infligées aux êtres estropiés
Se décalquent sur le corps du souverain
Comme une gangrène immaculée

Taken, I am not
Capitulating before the immensity
of the cosmos

Inverting a path asymmetrical
Where walls suffocate absorbing excellence
Omnipotence fatally puncturing perception

Betrayal of self
Wounds that bleed again
At the slightest word
Pain insists upon being attended to
A shout to deaf ears

Leave no path untaken
Let your fears unfurl
Barely recognizable

Part V

Part VI
Abstracting eyesight
Dormant in a shrine
Morphing into essence
Wallowed visions, timeless

Structuring chaos
To become existence
Devoid of reason
Condemned to afflictions

No sun to worship
In the absence of light
All beliefs converge
In abyssal conclusions

Forever nameless
A horde of mares fills
A horrendous void
Dissolving the antisphere

Sprung from ignorance
Painful indifference
For I am not to die
Impotent, belligerent
Levitating above the expansive self

Swirling reality of obscure origin
An egotistical divide yet unexplored
Suffocating omniscient emptiness
There is nothing to fear aside selfhood itself.

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