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The Evil Emanations

by Hellish God




Hellish God's "The Evil Emanations" showcases 10 tracks of blasting Death Metal! Featuring current and former members of Antropofagus, Imposer and Mindful Of Pripyat the band moved its first steps in 2015 with the intent to play savage and satanic Death Metal influenced by the classic late '90s sound.
"The Evil Emanations" is the band first full album and is conceptually focused on Qlipoth, metaphorical shells which represent evil spiritual forces in the Jewish mysticism.

For fans of Azarath, Rebaelliun, Krisiun, Abhorrence.


released January 8, 2018

Produced by Hellish God
Co-produced by Everlasting Spew Records
Recorded and mixed at Toxic Basement Studio by Carlo Altobelli
Mastered by Fabio Palombi at Blackwave Studio
All songs written by Contenti/Di Ioia
All lyrics by Tya
Cover Art by Adi Dechristianize
Layout and graphics by Raoul Mazzero/View From The Coffin
Rangel Arroyo - Lead Guitars on "Burning The Infidel"
Mario Seaone - Effects on "Kelim Shattering Illumination"

Tya - Lead Vocals
Luigi Contenti - Drums
Michele Di Ioia - Rhythm, Lead Guitars and Backing Vocals
Stefano Malgaretti - Bass Guitars and Backing Vocals


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all rights reserved



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Track Name: Qlipoth
Parallel forms of terror
In the hands of Baal
They are eternal
They are majestic
Conquers of heaven
Destroyers of all
The saviours of truth
In the plague express their power
The demons of Qlipoth
Spreads unconquerable darkness
Mentors of Malice

Father & Mother
Light & Darkness
Water & Fire
He commands the vision of reality!

Gathered in the temple of Choronzon
Evil creatures appear for terminate the fate
Fire tongues exterminate the keepers of light
Invocating the ultimate Chaos Totem

Two-headed Ones
commands by Molok
Two-headed Ones
Cuts by the God of Thoughtful light
Two-headed Ones
Unites by the blood of Satan

Evil emanations!
Blasphemous temptations
Evil emanations!
Blasphemous temptations

Gathered in the temple of Choronzon
Evil creatures appear for terminate the fate
Fire tongues exterminate the keepers of light
Invocating the ultimate Chaos Totem

Desecrate the light
burn the cross with tongues of fire
Desecrate Jesus Christ
in the name of the equilibrium!
Track Name: Anti-Cosmic Decree
Behold, the failure of God
Behold, the portal of Ishtar
Behold, our demonical dimension
Behold, the throne of sorrow

Kill for survive
Spreading black mass across the universe
In front of the altar of perversion
Demons summoned the angel of vengeance

Creatures of the void
You resurrect for a new beginning of blood
Creatures of the void
Follow the worship of your supreme Master

I realize
I will
I rise
I command

I conquer
I divide
I procreate
I destroy

I define / Universe
I will / Chaos
I am / false god
I command / Destiny

I conquer
I divide / the world
I procreate
I destroy / the messiah.
Track Name: The Hindering Ones
Beasts rises from the deepest abyss
summoned by the Sorcerer
They create the supreme Apocalypse
In the name of the great conflagration

Negation of new worlds
Oppression - Submission - Blood
Life Denied!
Forgotten light...
Forgotten light raise by evil creation.
Fade to black through a multitude of chaos
Demonizing the salvation...
We serve - we implore - we pray

Divided by the Sephiroth's powers by their own perception
Ye conveys the darkness upon the spiritual deception

"Abedabel, Okureul, Gebel
Iashamel, Acharel, Laabel
Liftoach, Shaari Ah- Aoigel
B'Shem ba- Beelzebub!"

We beseech ye
Across galaxies of the unreal subconscious
bow down in front of throne of evil
We support your dominion!
The gateways of malignancy are open for the eternity
Therefore, thus is decided.

Track Name: Tagimron Is Summoned
At the center of the death tree
Every will is established
by a vortex of obscure energy
Inhuman rituals became fount of resurrection
Sacrificial genocide in the name of bloodstorm
The light vanish through the gates of Choronzon

Hail to chaos - following the catacombs corridors
First prayer for exhumating evil forces
Hail to darkness - evocative spell in the reflection of life and death
First blood of the Virgin upon the altar of demonization
The last candle will be turned off by his breath
and the black flame will rise!

I, the expression of evil
I, disagreement of the human being
Conqueror of the mundane temple of God
I, the expression of evil
I speak for the infernal kingdom
For the Conqueror of God

The last candle will be turned off by his breath
and the black flame will rise!
one last rite for convocation
Tagimron is summoned!
Track Name: Burning The Infidel
Deny the light for those who pray the son of God
No more Jesus Christ into your heart!
Crucify the adepts, cursing their progeny
No one can escape at the execution...
...they burn!

We summon Geburah
Pure devotion for the divine triangle
We call the Lord of fire
His will is severe
We summon Geburah
Dictator of the infernal law
We call the Lord of fire
A lava river will lead you to the gates of our Master

Food for the flames of Hell
Soul for the ancient spells
Devoured by sacred fire
Your blood is the Sacrament

Geburah !

Supreme Judge holds the hammer of the verdict
He commands: "Death to Heretics!"
Close your eyes and give your soul...
...to the Fire!
Track Name: Agitator Shall Be Triumphant!
He will reveal the majesty of chaos
He is the source of your love under will
Lord of the universal torment, show me the eyes of madness

thou shalt kill the creatures of light
Agitator, the extension of the divine will
With your black disorder, you contaminate the world

O' Demon of life and creation, can you feel the fear?
To implore and get the complete obedience
Maximum exaltation when you see men bleed for you.

The Disturbers of All Things
thou shalt kill the creatures of light
Agitator, the extension of the divine will
Agitator, with your weapons you slay the Nazarene!
Track Name: I Am Belial
Called in many names
Born in the Temple of Corruption
Lord of destructions and lies
Angel of illegality doesn't redeem sins


I Am Belial!

Once again dark forces will conquer the world
Under the seal of darkness I will make rivers of blood
Legions of warriors summon my black spirit
Sacrificial rites to feed my inexpressible ego


I am Belial!
I am Satan!
I am the false god!

Born to be violent
Born in the Temple of Corruption
Evil has a multitude of faces
But one is the debaucher One.
Track Name: Marching With The Accuser
Surrounded by Hordes of demons
I prepare the army for the final battle
at dawn of the new day
Universal judgment is coming...

I'm waiting in front of the abyss
I'm not afraid of the holy light
I'm waiting the war of next centuries
I'm not afraid of those who profess peace

I will march with the accuser
I will die with the accuser

With vehemence
I killed the winged angels
Without fear, we will cut the flesh of fools
We will trample their bodies with contempt

Standing in front of their bodies
I breathe the smell of decomposition
The angel of death was my guide
Long life to Samael!

give me your power
Death follows his guardian of darkness
Slay the Archangels in the name of Lucifer
Gates of paradise are already burnt

When the battle is over
Legion of the abyss will be dominant

"This one is Samael, who takes the soul away from man."
"Whither goes he now?"
"To fetch the soul of Job the pious"
"O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers, not to let me fall into the hand of this angel."

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