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Soul Demise

by Maze Of Sothoth




The DEATH METAL juggernaut you have always asked for, a lovecraftian whirlwind of fierceness and nameless demons. Italian finest Death Metal commando at their debut mixing new and old-school together.

For fans of Morbid Angel, Vomitory, Sinister and Deranged.


released January 9, 2017

All Music by Fabio Marasco except “Multiple Eyes”, “The Dark Passenger”, “The Outsider” and “Blind” by Fabio Marasco and Matteo Moioli, “Azzaihg’ Nimehc” by Fabio Marasco and Riccardo Rubini.
All lyrics by Fabio Marasco except “Seed of Hatred” by Fabio Marasco and Cristiano Marchesi, “At the Mountain of Madness” and “The Outsider” by Cristiano Marchesi.
Arrangements by Maze of Sothoth.
Produced By David Zampini.
Recorded and Mixed by David Zampini at “A Mano Armata Dischi”.
Drums Recorded by David Zampini & Marco Preziosa at “Cool Blue Studio”.
Logo by Mark Riddick.
Artwork by Ivory Giulia Croce.

Fabio Marasco: Guitars, Synth
Matteo Moioli: Drums
Cristiano Marchesi: Bass, Vocals
Riccardo Rubini: Guitars


©+℗ 2017 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Lies
Open doors for the sheep of your god
Heavenly bliss promised to your sacrifice
Willing to die for their faith
Hordes of men with the same trivial ideologies
Reaching the deepest abyss of degradation
Miserables raving nonsense words
Works of charity, it is good doctrine
Belief that all this will save you from hell

Visions, the virgin mary crying blood
Suffering is the punishment that was imposed on you
Prayer will ease your pain excruciating
Your words will be blown in the wind
Infinite flock in pilgrimage to holy places
Atoning like the disease was divine punishment
Dreadful idiocy awaits the miracle
People agonize and die in the silence of god

*Solo Fabio

Lie for god, kill for god, die for god.
Track Name: Seed Of Hatred
Summoned by the mountains storm
To destroy the creation of god
Singing hatred for the universe
Refusal reconciliation with heaven
If you choose me, you won’t have any other desires
If you choose me, all words will kneel to you
If you choose me, you will need no gods
If you choose me, in exchange for a moment you’ll have eternity

Our union will create a new form of evil
Put in your womb the seed of hatred
Your sacrifice won’t be vain
Errant demons populate the earth

I, in love, like in hate
Am immutable and big

*Solo Riccardo

I’m the one no one can love

And all I see, I despise it or hate it.
Track Name: Multiple Eyes
the creature of the ancient
the most terrible entity
prisoners and servants
hypnotic control
empire builders divers

huge creature
taking any form
multiple eyes
like greenish pustules
slime tarry
in a pallid abyss-vapour

millions years of slavery
mutation of the species
sovereign independent minds
the uprising begins
Ultimate civilization decline
devastation city of lords
it’s not dead
it will live forever.

*Solo Riccardo

*Solo Fabio
Track Name: The Outsider
Suffocated by my own life
Born from nothing
The black tower only way to escape
From this grave
Suffocated by my own life
Born from nothing
The black tower only way to escape
The only hope to touch the light

In life
Beg for salvation
Reaching the glare
Reaching the glare
Beg for salvation
In life

Master of emptiness all that you see is just a burning desire
it’s like to being trapped into an everlasting fire

In life
Beg for salvation
Reaching the glare
Fall into a parallel dimension, this is what you’ve obtained
Discover what should never be discovered, here there is no law
The outsider came from the afterlife to know what his life means
Living putrefaction, is riding the winds with demons
He filled up his life with an endless void and the nepenthe
Every answer was replied, the outsider was the key.
Track Name: The Dark Passenger
Born in blood, just like me
I throughout to change that i am
No matter what i do
From my choices will always
Be the wrong one
It is my fate, there is no alternative
It is my mask , the dark passenger

I know my name but I don’t know what I am
Of course i know there's something dark in me
When he is driving me i feel ... i live
Dominated by this thrill of absolute wickedness
I do not fight, do not want to do it, that's all i have
Nobody loves me like that
Neither do i

I dream, i’m floating above the surface of my life
Watching it unfolding, observing it, i’m the outsider looking in
If i believe in god, if i believe in sin, this is the place
Where i will be sucked straight to hell
If i believe in hell.

*Solo Fabio
Track Name: At The Mountain Of Madness
The awakening of the ancient ones is arrived
From their everlasting slumber
Cryptic creatures never seen before

Discovering the remains of ancient life forms
Unknow creatures, masters of the underworld

Opalescent sky above the megalith
Unknown alien architecture
Ancient walls have stories to tell
Civilization before the beginning of time
Putrid smell exhaled from the earth
The shapless minion lives
Below us
The rebellion has just begun

Pungent smell from the abyss womb
Shoggoth is coming
He will live forever
In your polluted mind
Pungent smell from the abyss womb
Shoggoth is coming
He will live forever
In your corrupted, asphyxiated, altered and polluted mind

*Solo Fabio

The torment
Of madness
Will live
In you
Track Name: Blind
Total disregard for your deeds
Your treachery will never be forgotten
It was easier to shift your blame on me
I’m not a fool, it doesn’t work with me

Your lies will never end
Your plan has failed from the outset
You're only sinking deeper into your own shit
You're just a miserable entity that will shut down soon
You are blind

It's always a pleasure to see you crawl
Your suffering always makes me stronger
Now there is no turning back
It has always been too late
I'm not looking for revenge
I don’t need it
I have found my glory after darkness
It is all I need

You are blind, you’ve lost the light
You are blind, you’ve lost your mind
You are blind, you walk aimlessly
You are blind, blind for your lies

*Solo Fabio

*Solo Riccardo

Your sob makes me laugh
I just want to see you with your throat cut
Your clothes filled with your blood
Your eyes rolled back
I will not be doing it
Not for a wretch like you
Do everything alone
It will be late when you will realize.
Track Name: Divine Sacrifice
Burning flesh, I want to smell
My nostrils must be satiated
Excruciating agony, I want to hear the screams
My ears must be satiated
Rivers of blood, I want to feel it sliding
My hands must be satiated
My blade, caresses your throat
to give you a sacrifice

Cthulhu, called me,
in my horrid blasphemous dreams
will be grateful for success,
your souls are its lifeblood
Human misery, your mind merciful
inability to relate its contents
Live, in a puddle of ignorance
among black seas of infinity

*Solo Riccardo

Priests secret, will resurrect
the great Cthulhu from the grave
Its dominion will be restored
through ancient formula
The coarse, fate of humanity
has already been established
The corpse, fill the streets creating
An abyss of terror and dismay

Humanity like the great ancient
Well above good and evil
The ancient teachings to mankind
new ways to kill the evangelicals
All the earth will burn in a holocaust
hunger of ecstasy and freedom
Without laws and morales
Cthulhu's already feeding flesh

*Solo Fabio

Terrifying visions of reality
Justify your decadent status
prisoners mental incapacity
to relate its dark content
unaware of what happens
but the reconstruction of the overall picture will appear
crazy for the detection
flee to the deadly light, the safety of a new dark age.

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