Seal Of Phobos

by Valgrind



Italian Death Metal worshippers VALGRIND return one year after their widely acclaimed "Speech Of The Flame" with the new blood claiming EP "Seal Of Phobos".

Vocalist & bass player Daniele Lupidi states:
"This is probably our most aggressive material to date. All of the four tracks are extremely intense and we decided to go with a different vocal approach for every tune to give each one its own strong identity. We're also extremely happy to have Jonny Petterson (Wombbath Ashcloud, Henry Kane) doing some guest vox on "Ekphora's Day". Last but not least, this is the first studio appearance for our new guitarist Umberto Poncina, who also engineered and mixed the EP."

For fans of Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Cruciamentum.


released April 14, 2017

Produced by Valgrind
Recorded at Soundbusters studios 
Engineered by Umberto Poncina and Massimo Vezzani
Mixed by Umberto Poncina
Mastered by Andrea Casari
Music by Elia except for "Ekphora's Day" by Lupidi.
Lyrics by Lupidi except for "New Born Deceit" by Elia.
Guest vocals on "Ekphora's Day" by Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath)
Artwork by Daniele Lupidi (
Band Photography by Leila Farsi

Daniele Lupidi: Vocals/bass
Massimiliano Elia: Lead and rhythm guitars/keyboards
Umberto Poncina: Rhythm and lead guitars/keyboards
Gianmarco Agosti: Drums

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all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Endless Circle
Ancient myths irradiate this lands
Amongst the ruins burnt by the sun
The sea leaps the shores
From where the legend comes

There were times when the knowledge risen
From obscurity and harshness
Reaped were the seeds of gold
Sprouted from a darkness thirsty of blood

Our construct is falling
As the endless circle rotates

Now the sky is turning black
The ancient splendor, a pale recollection
The burden of time
Impressed in our veins
Track Name: New Born Deceit
Fallen through anguish
And morbid insight
Sought to banish
The fire that doesn’t burn
Pierced inside resurrection
Away from the grace
Lonely grave out of the masks
Of those unborn.

Life shall not dwell
Make me immortal.
Earth will explode
Make me eternal.

Darkness, affliction
The wounds of the unknown
Burned by the winds
Forever to ashes
Cast in the ice
Cast in the fog
The realms of obscurity
The blood of the ground.

Life shall not dwell
Make me immortal.
Earth will explode
Make me eternal.

Bestowed upon the light
The ancient words
Admired by the great
Forgotten tongues
Confused forms of life
The bitter flow
The principle and the end
New born deceit
Track Name: Traitors Will Bleed
The order returns, the silence falls
Fragments of the rebellion turn to ash
The gamble is lost, their heads are gonna roll
Mighty empire will rule once more

Destroy the seed
From east the troops will join the butchery
The cleansing will descend on them
Our kingdom will be their resting place

Early victories are futile
Dark battleships lacerate their faith
Strategies crumble, the eyes of desperation
Black horses of death will crush their limbs

Salvation through suicide
Condemned to crawl like worms before they die....they die

Destroy the seed
Traitors will bleed
Track Name: Ekphora's Day
Endless procession
Along the darkened streets
Multiple hearses slip through the ancient walls
The laments of an entire humanity
Disperse in the black winds of doom

The sun eclipses, forever gone
Our last journey finally comes to an end

Blessed dead and grim carriers
Proceed towards the same destiny

Sacrifices, spill the blood
Those who died need final offers
Walking nightmares gathered around the flock
Ekphora's day
Everything in this rotten earth is terminal
Lamentations guide mankind to the final resting place