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Sanguine Vigil

by Galvanizer




From the swamping lands of Finland death/grind trio Galvanizer emerges with their debut album "Sanguine Vigil" after having paid all their dues with several tapes and a 7"ep like we were used back in the 90s.
Galvanizer have quickly become one of the most promising underground acts around, their old school approach perfectly combines with their youthful energy and their sound will perfectly please both fans of old school finnish death metal and modern deathgrind sounds.
The artwork is painted by mighty TG Rantanen, a finnish institution famous for his works with Demilich, Demigod, Adramelech, Depravity and many more.

"Expect the same primitive finnish grinding death madness but this time much more faster and brutal!" (Aleksi Vähämäki)

For fans of Xysma, Machetazo, Abhorrence, Haemorrhage.


released February 28, 2018

Produced by Galvanizer
Recorded at Shed Studios in August 2017
Recording and mixing by Juha Matti Kauppinen
Recording help by Lauri Holm
Mastering by Matias Ahonen
All songs and lyrics by Galvanizer except "A Painful End For Curiosity" by Necrobiosis in the golden ages of total death
Cover Art by Turkka Rantanen
Layout by Galvanizer/Heresie Graphics

Niko Niemikko - Drums
Vili Mäkinen - Bass & Lead Vocals
Aleksi Vähämäki - Guitars & backing vocals


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Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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Track Name: Mood For The Blade
Slaughtering in a campsite
river flows bloodred
gardenshears sharpen
for this massacre
throats slit decapitated
bodily dismembered
a group of teens mutilated
in the nname of vengeance

the burning
fucked up to their death

fucking in the woods
blades shine in the dark
they are on the mood
soon they're out of blood

lost alone and vulnerable
shivers down the spine
you're trying to be strong
but you are weak and blind
see her blade raped body
you have lost this game
a campfire story
turns to deadly flame

don't look he'll see you
don't breathe he'll hear you
don't move
you are dead
Track Name: Enjoyment Of Annihilation
Pulmonary artery haemorrhage
hacksae through the raped face
cock dismembered brutally
rectum penetrated ghastly way

pleasure to kill
cadavers raping is the name of thrill
game of life
deep thoughts of dirty, sick mind


enjoyment of annihilation

when comes night, at the end of a day
sick pervert is free to slay
you cannot hide
now it's your time to die
you cannot hide
it's your time to die.
Track Name: Deathbeat Deity
Mangled limbs
strewn guts
flayed corpses
hanged by their skin
small town massacre
gone out of hand
the primeval beast
will reap this land

spread the blood
growl his name
bathe in gore
join your new god

the living struggle
flesh against rot
with vaning numbers
the pious shall fall
the defiled soil
throbbing roots of pus
acres of cadavers left
to satiate his lust.
Track Name: Sanguine Vigil
Thrust into eons of agony
by this man-sized thorn
impaled through my body
splitting my spine
in this state of torment
i weave my poetry
of sanguine legacy
foretelling calamity

million howls of pain
bring forth the saviour
surrender him to me
to end the slaughter

myriad of humans
trapped in this hell
mountainous tree of metal
even time won't tell
but through virtue
of humane compassion
mankind prevails still
only to become prey

the end-times are nigh
worlds will fall this night
man shall be no more
outlived extinct
million howls of pain
bring for the saviour
surrender him to me
to end the slaughter

bird of prey
Track Name: Grind Till... You're Dead!
Ssalcts rif ehtd nuogredn ugna
geh tnio js sar uoykc
iklliwogitepmi gnabote mit
dnarbno ihsafat suje r'yehtwo
ndna tsa prieh twonkuo

ysdnab ytti hsr ieh tfoderi
ttsa lbra elcu nerogg nidn irge
hts isihtyawag nipp irde
filr uoyl eefllawd nirg htae
de hts ihtyawad eppi
ruraeruoylee ftite pp anobs

sakcuf sderh sgn itto rhsar ceht
mor fde dolpxey dobd e hsamsyl
latot dabg ni kcuf noisillo ckcu
rtts albe hto ttsa fdn aduo
lnoitcefnid aed damgn
Track Name: Domestic Mastication
Scenery of utmost horrors
that you dont want to look
human life
hanging on a hook
viscera and genitals
all been removed
flesh incision
burned eyes
gruesomely abused

feel the rush
of the bloody gush
reeking guts
crush the bones
snort the pus
smash the brains
eat the mush.
Track Name: Gorefestation
Grotesque unhuman action
sorrowful death attraction
own life's execution
fatal abberation

of toxication
final ride
to suicide
slice the torso
gutsfuck solo

cutting through no turn away
circlesaw will end the day
split in half guts out to stay
suicide in hardest way

gory scene of self-destruction
brains shattered all directions
brutal demise is your lesson
suicidal manifestation.
Track Name: Premature Rot
A premature rot is your fear
as minor treat comes real
accidental slit of the blade
can kill by horrible way
deep wound and painful omen
uncleaned and it's open
let in the streptococcus
and other hocus pocus

necrotizing fasciitis
flesh eating disease
necrotizing fasciitis
spreading rapidly

devouring bacteria
is moving through fascia
withing few painful slow days
blood pressure drops severly
the toxic shock takes over
and body can't stand much longer
unconsciousness will occur
it's fatal and for sure.
Track Name: Unfinished Autopsy
This day will change their lives
prepare for autopsy

a creature
from beyond
trapped in the ice

the corpse
including human parts

melt faces
of nightmarish suffering

it's dead
you think
but it will cause your death

crawling searching human flesh
infecting their blood
transforming into a man
no one knows he's gone
tied up in the chairs
the thing cannot run
but splitting up it's head
it makes the carnage fun.

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