Primordial Dominion

by Skeleton Of God



Originally released in 2008 by the band themselves, "Primordial Dominion" is a 40+ minute trip of madness that definitely deserved a wider and massive distribution. Everlasting Spew Records is revamping this psychedelic slab of death infused metal with a new Slipcase CD version and Vinyl and Digital versions for the first time ever.
Skeleton Of God, based in Denver, Colorado, took form from the ashes of Hideous Corpse and helped forging Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal back in the 90s with their debut EP "Urine Garden" showing everybody that there were no boundaries in the genre. "Primordial Dominion" continues this way, a trip definitely without any kind of limitation, incorporating huge doses of psychedelia, mind bending doomish passages and severe attacks of grinding death metal.
The line-up saw the presence of Joel DiPietro (also in Exit-13, Satan's Bake Sale) who recently passed away at the age of 44.


released September 8, 2016

Produced by Erik Stenflo and Jeff Kahn
Recorded by Erik Stenflo at Smoke Signal Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe Studios
Lyrics by Jeff Kahn
Art by Jeff Kahn
Cover art colorized by Daniel Bigelow

Vocals/Guitar: Jeff Kahn
Drums: Erik Stenflo
Bass: Joel DiPietro (R.I.P.)

© 2008-16 United Dimensions
℗ 2016 Everlasting Spew Records



all rights reserved


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Everlasting Spew is a label/mailorder based in Italy with the focus to bring you selected titles from bands and labels that distinguished themselves for their quality. We come from several years of experience in the past and two decades of passion and dedication into the genre.
Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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Track Name: Dawn Of Dimension
Rising, shadows march from beyond time
ancient, seer envisioning, de-construction, renewal - sublime
ascend, 3rd eye, dawn of dimension-balanced and wise-sage
Track Name: Tentacle Gears
sojourn-an instantaneous propulsion of perception,
and reason
manifestations breed-distortions

darkening, yet enlightening the corridors

forms stream forth in phases
the fortress awaits me
continuum bound

I ascend
eye reveal
I arrive at the gates,
the primordial gears


1. rising of forms
ancient shapes-align
reckoning imminent
revolution's tide

2. rising of forms
ancient shapes-align
mechanized, unified
activated eye

compressing, stifling
merging pools of form
cerebral integration
of spirit world

omnicient force
atomic property's rearranged course

I emerge in fraction
revitalize in unison
family beyond blood
mastering my vision

reach to envision
reach to embrace
forever intertwined


transcending form
old souls enduring time
acknowledge shared dimension
perpetually arise

manifesting form
ancients weaving time
acknowledge new dimensions
eventually combine

concentric anomaly
revolution, revelation
new "soul" rise
Track Name: Introspection
spectors from the past
gathering legions
attack in waves
my time
depth of being immobilized
so cold-my tribe
exacting vengeance, dark descent
to face yourself
Track Name: Cerebral Vipers
One winter a farmer found a "carpet viper" stiff and frozen with cold.
He had compassion on it, and taking it up, placed it in his bosom.
The viper was quickly revived by the warmth, and resuming its natural
instincts, bit its benefactor, inflicting on him a mortal wound. "Oh" cried
the farmer with his last breath, "I am rightfully served for pitying a
The greatest kindness will not bind the ungrateful.

A crow in great want for food saw a serpent asleep in a sunny nook,
and flying down, greedily seized him. The serpent turning about, bit the crow
with a mortal wound. In the agony of death, the bird exclaimed:
"O unhappy me! who have found in that which I deemed a happy windfall
the source of my failure (and destruction)."

Reckoning? acknowledge the pitfall of power-
to honor the ego, the blue blood devours
devours the worthy
devours the just and capable
forever-the darkness

To act the king, to act the god-false
to rationalize lives for profit
eternal preservation of family

To walk the right
proliferate the lies
dominate the righteous and kind

with gold in hand
minions cower
followers empower
vigins deflowered
Track Name: Dark Energy
Ride the wind, axes raised toward elder "lords"
convention slain
damp swords gleam
lightning screams
brothers freeze
the unknown die in the gales


sour fantasy
channel the void
frail apathy
assures victory
dark souls merge with light
balance- achieving the symmetry
enemy corpses illuminate the trail
onward to unity-Dark Energy

immortality soon to be achieved
my darkness-
not yet redeemed

chalice rich with convention-smashed
poured upon the liars
individuality is the true "God"
in conjunction with universe
proliferate new beliefs
glory of vision
my consciousness increased

serpent's poison
shepherdess revealed
cold winds burning facades
self consciousness concealed
primordial dominion
depart serpent's coil

the goddess
revealing the lore of the soul

future to behold
the wisdom of collective
to victory
for growth

we are the new lords now
answering the call

answering the call
freedom forever, progressive, new evolution
Track Name: Spiral Domain
As I travel, I conceive "realities" seed
armor of convention - shed
talons of scriptures
illuminating age-I eliminate,
gather elements to provide,
to align
old soul participates-guides
gather allies
slice the binds
able to transcend mind and time
I traverse new spectrum blind
ascend unhindered-high
I enter new dimensions
Track Name: Eyeland
I wait on the eyeland
I can breathe my traces
I won't drink the poison
I must prevail

Storm cell reaching for me
storm cell reaching, feeding

feel my spirit clinging to the tree
to the tree
forcing destiny
clinging to the tree
clinging to the tree, my vitality
drowning in the sea

I reach to breath
the hand that receives me is my own
the eyeland desires:
the bond
the fortress
the will to power
the faith to lead, to be

ancient wall
timeless greed
ancient philosphy
absolution creed

ancient wall
timeless deceit
drink from the "falls" the blood of the meek
Track Name: Tribunal
I've reached the peak
a psychic gathering (of many)
judgement, consequence-
cognitive strategy?

behavioral extremity
safe from convention-
pliable to mold

the zenith is reflection
the nadir is denial
the judgement is eternal
visions are infinite

it is us
shepherdess scrutinizes
I stand before my wisdom:

bleeding, suffering, vandalism, fires
insincere, lust, theft, desire
conspiracy, lying, brutalizing
killing, condemning
a reckoning to hold

rinse away the past
onward, reborn
rinse away the past, of dogma
not soul

forgiveness, enlightenment
tribunal acknowledges
forgiveness, empowerment
my being flourishes
Track Name: Journey's Twilight
descend, my mind's eye
manifests flight
my perception high

traverse corridors
ruminations, sight
lungs burn, eyes dry
rhythm for decline

journey's twilight
realized flight