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Pain Will Define Their Death

by Vitriol

A hammer to crash through what it is to be human. Wield it with contempt or have it torn from your arm. We are wolves chewing at the ankles of the world. A fear that's richer than cream. Hunt those who run. Hurdling into clay hands. (I am a weapon.) Prayers broken at the wrists. To provide me a life I can bleed on. Liberate it from a future rotten with their breath. Hurl their bodies into rivers. Let their names be forgotten. May no one grieve for their children. Let their loss trumpet silent. I will speak. Let me make a promise to my kin. The torn body of a man is not a tragedy. Pain is their truth and it will define their death. A fear that’s richer than cream. Hunt those who run. Hurdling into clay hands. (I am the weapon.) Prayers broken at the wrists. To provide me a life I can feed on. Pain will define their death. Hunt those who run.
Victim 03:42
I can see the blades you've placed. The ones you dance upon. (On which you squirm.) Forcing movements that beg us to believe that the pain is foreign. You don't know what it is to be gutted. A black knife, searing and hungry. What I wouldn’t give to find its home in you (twist.) To find your fear and pray it dissolves you. Soft hands and a soft mind. A self-loathing, self-righteous excuse. Your suffering’s endless. I watch you carve your skin. Milked ribbons they coil and wilt. A bloated gut oozing your sorrow so slow and tender. Weakling. May your sorrow bring fruition. I hope that you find the pain you believe this world has built for you. Your feeble shell crushed beneath a steady and rigid boot. A whimper. A whispered weakness. A miserable fetal heart That only knows the warmth of a guiding hand. Insect. Craven. Deceiver. Never to know the flavor of accountability. Your tongue’s made sweet with pity and pleas. You grow richer with every limp-necked sorrow. You miserable fucking coward. Victim. And you deserve the worst that this hard and indifferent world has to offer.
Oh, intimate father, speak not to me in tongues. But in movements of rebellion from which I’ve come to know. Lie beside me with purpose and I make peace with being orphaned by this world. For it is not of me, and I not of it. We will tower above the corpulent stars. Where God must lie in bloated rot amongst the fouling whales. Oh, intimate father, press my cheek. Breathe through me for my lungs cannot carry your words. Let me prove to you the violence that we know to be truth. Take me farther to a world that’s worthy and providing of the fruits I hunger. Show me that I am no longer alone.
They ache from a place that's not far from our own. Incessant pattering. If you listen closely you can hear the suffering of strained twine. There's only a membrane that separates us. It's very thin, and weak in its resolve. It's a place from which hands can reach, but mortality is foreign. Incantations hang from the shelves of bent whispers and corpulent hands. The noose that they gave me, you can hear it unfurl. The parting of a neck is deafening. Piloted eyes burst with a clandestine revelation. All a pool of blackened hammers. Our spirit the nail. Our bodies the anvil. They stare with the weight of them. A horror gapes, the yawning mouth of Hell. Countless teeth chew the bones of weaker men. Devour my failings, and the character that led me there. Cleanse me of filth. Reduce me to void. Cleanse me of filth. Crush my body between jaws of persecution. Cleanse me of filth. Reduce me to void. Cleanse me of filth. Reduce me to void. Cleanse me of filth. They carve curses from the feet of our broken children. They reached for our throats when tolerance burned away. It was an alien notion. Incantations hang from the breathes of bent whispers and corpulent hands. That noose that they gave me, you can hear it unfurl. The parting of a neck is deafening.


One of the most pissed off and corrosive expressions of Death Metal you will ever hear! Finally on physical format the critically acclaimed debut EP by Portland-based band Vitriol, MCD comes with an exclusive brand new track recorded during past sessions!

Racking up serious pre-release praise from within the metal media, "Pain Will Define Their Death" sets forth Vitriol's sound in no uncertain terms. Through the EP's four tracks, the Portland, Oregon band lashes out with a style rooted in the turn-of-the-millennium works of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, and Nile. Vitriol's three members – guitarist/vocalist Kyle Rasmussen, bassist/vocalist Adam Roethlisberger, and drummer Scott Walker – attack the hallowed genre with a fresh aggression that cannot be faked.
Dense, visceral, overwhelming, Vitriol's tornado of sound is familiar but new.

“Violence is the element that will always be found in any Vitriol song. Trivializing the human experience and shining a light on its frailty and natural cowardice… I truly believe that what we want to communicate and represent with our band is a universal truth to everyone. We’re trying to tap into something that everyone has inside of them.” (Kyle Rasmussen)

For fans of Hate Eternal, Anaal Nathrakh, Internecine and Myrkskog


released November 30, 2018

Recorded by Derek Leisy at Audiosiege Engineering (Portland, OR)
Mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio (Van Nuys, CA)
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio (Portland, OR)
Logo by View From The Coffin
Artwork by Melissa DiMartino
Photography by Charlotte Little Wolf

Kyle Rasmussen - Guitars, Vocals
Adam Roethlisberger - Bass, Vocals
Scott Walker - Drums


© 2018 Vitriol
℗ 2018 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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