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Night Of The Ultimate Mosh

by Birdflesh




Finally available again the sophomore album from Sweden masters of thrashing GRINDCORE Birdflesh!
-Revamped with a new exclusive artwork by Luis Sendon!
-Featuring an exclusive NEW track!
-Graced with liner notes by mighty Smattro Ansjovis!

For fans of: Macabre, Impetigo, Ghoul, Repulsion


released February 8, 2018

Track 1-8 recorded in May 2001 at Euphony Studios by Mattias Slask
Track 9-22 recorded between December 2001 and January 2002 at Euphony Studios by Mattias Slask
Track 1-22 mixed and mastered by Mattias Slask
Track 23 recorded, mixed and mastered by Jimmy Lindqvist in Bloodshed Studio between September and October 2014
Re-master by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studio
All songs written by Birdflesh
All lyrics by Smattro Ansjovis

Violin violence on "Above, Where Are You?" by Smattro Ansjovis
Excellent keyboards on "Gore In Gore Out" and "Night Of The Ultimate Mosh" by Moshbastard
Lead acoustic guitar on "Dance On The Frozen Desert" by Smattro Ansjovis
Melodies of Satan on "Carmolesting Dead" by Johan Jonasson
Rhythm acoustic guitar, bass and drums on "Dance On The Frozen Desert" by Tobbe "six feet" Ander
Clarinette on "Suicide Maniac" by Father Apostolos Mitroulis
Guest vocals on "The Rolling Massgrave" by Cabbe Castervall
Backing vocals on "Night Of The Ultimate Mosh" by Jörgen Kalashnikov Örnhem
Backing vocals on "Bowelthrasher" and "Victim Of The Grind" by Mr. Jones and Åskvovve
Necrobarber could not make it because he lost his head

Artwork & external layout by Luis Sendon

Achmed Abdulex - guitar, backing vocals
Smattro Ansjovis - drums, vocals
Moshbastard - bass, backing vocals


© 2002 Birdflesh
℗ 2018 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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Track Name: Coffinfucker
I sleep all day I go up at night
I take a shower and I brush my teeth
I put on my shoes and my new jacket
I must look good when I meet my friend
At midnight twelve I enter the gates
To my friends place I'm at the graveyard
She lives under the ground I see her everynight
In the light of the moon we make love
In her coffin we make love
As the other corpses rise
I put a couple of bones in my ass
And the maggots in her cunt tickle so nice
Track Name: Master Of Violence
I am the master of violence
I'm backing your forehead with the referee
You cannot get out of the ring cause you are doomed
Your ass is mine and I will share it with the crowed
My name is the morbid monsterman
Your name is Pellefjant the loser
I am the master of violence
Loser is written all over your face
When you hear the bell you know that you're in Hell
Tears are dripping form your fucking eyes
Track Name: Gore In Gore Out
Cold steel rips the flesh
Body parts fall to the ground
Axe chops arm and leg
The stench of putrid limbs
Gore in gore out
Victims scream and shout
Gore in gore out
Gore's all life's about
Gore for breakfast Gore for lunch
A cup of coffee and a piece of gore
A dead body in the van
You cannot tell if it's a woman or a man
A cup of coffee and a piece of gore
A dead body in the van
You cannot tell if it's a woman or a man
Knife cuts crying face
Children chewing razorblades
Old man stabbed in mouth
No more smile at his severed wife
Track Name: Arabian Psycho
Born from the rotting Arabian dead
The dream has turned into a nightmare
Oil is pouring from the garlic clouds
Achmed Abdul is sitting frightened on his bull
This is the Arabian Psycho
A one can fight the arabian dead
This psycho is totally sick
Track Name: Night Of The Ultimate Mosh
It's the night of the ultimate mosh!
I couldn't believe it when I heard the news
But everyone said it was true
Sam Fox is coming to town!
Me and my crazy friends went to the show
On that Saturday night we ran to the place
I had four beer in my hand and a smile on my face
We all got drunk then we drank some more
Warming up for the concert of our dreams
We all gathered in front of the stage
And when she stood there we started to mosh
The guys from Hypnosia had a crushed existence
I was kicked from the stage I landed on my ear
Blood was spilled and we were almost killed
A friend of mine paid the ticket twice
Track Name: The Rolling Massgrave
Two bands are sitting in a car
Going very fast on the highway
Drinking many beers and eating chips
One of the boys sees a bomb in the backseat
Bomb in the car - carnage!
Blow up the boys - bloodbath!
The car is all bloody - oh yea!
The car turned into a rolling massgrave
Dark recollections on the stereo
Scattered bodies float in blood and beer
The chips are glowing in the gore
The chips are glowing in the gore
The car is still going very fast everyone is dead
The police cannot stop them cause the driver has no head
Some earplugs fell out from a broken window
The police got mad and started shooting at the car
Track Name: Above, Where Are You?
In space lies another sick world
Rocket riding neon hounds
Creatures with a couple heads
They all come together on a surface of glue
Jump on this ship and visit this world
You can't turn back home but what do you got to lose
You'll be a rick motherfucker you'll be fucking king
And you will be fucking alot of space mutants
Green blood is floating in the cloak
Invisible birds are singing in your ear
In space there's no law here's no time
No fucking master who tells you what to do
Tunes of the HARDEST METAL
Coming from the neon lights
Girls with the BIGGEST BOOBIES
Coming for you everynight
Track Name: Catmouth
I pick up my cat, hold it in my arms
I take a smell, of its mouth
It doesn't smell good - CATMOUTH!
It doesn't smell bad - CATMOUTH!
Track Name: Gut To Kill
Out from the dark with death as goal
In your head I make a hole
I slit your throat I twist your guts
In my pocket I keep your nuts
I got to kill
I got to kill
With your nuts I play games
Together with some kids that I shall slay
Their diapers are filled with shit and piss
Their chopped off heads I gently kiss
Track Name: Bloodshed Attack
The monsters are back
We don't bring no loveshack
We are here with brutal death
It's another bloodshed attack
Cut the skin taste the blood
Fuck the would lick the gore
Chop the head eat the brain
Rip and hack bloodshed attack
At the restaurant you are the meal
The rest of your life is your corpse
The nightmare is surely real
In church you join Jesus on the cross
Dismembered you burn in your shitty grave
Your blood covers your parents house
We are the monsters of this bloodsoaked reality
And you are the ones who enjoy this insanity
Rotten flesh blood and gore
Slaughtered lives on the floor
Sky is blue love is red
You're dead!
Track Name: Eternal Emotions
Everyday you're in my mind
I want you all the time
But now you're gone and I miss you so
I shouldn't have let you go
Cheeseburger! Darling burger!
What did I do wrong?
Cheeseburger! Darling burger!
I never meant to hurt you
Everyday you were there for me
When I needed someone to hold
Cheeseburger! Darling burger!
What did I do wrong?
Cheeseburger! Darling burger!
I can still feel your lovely warmth
I know I'm not perfect
But damn I think you were
Wince the first time I saw you
I knew you were the one for me
Track Name: Slaughter Of Flies
Once again I life my sword
To take the lives of a thousand flies
One head here one wing there
Murder butcher slaughter kill
I cannot eat I cannot sleep
Cause the fucking flies are everywhere
They're in my eyes, ears and ass
My hate comes straight from Hell
I can hear them laugh when they eat my food and shit
Now it's time to show the fucking flies who I am
One by one they die
I'm the slaughter of flies
I am the - slaughter of flies
Watch them die - slaughter of flies
Hear their cries - slaughter of flies
Hear you say - death to flies
One was sitting on a mountain of shit when I attacked
The fly died but I was all covered with shit
Then I saw this swarm of hungry flies coming towards me
I tried to run but I fell on my sword so I cut off my leg
The hungry flies started to feast on my open wound
I screamed in pain and they came inside of my body
When I was full of them they flied away with me
To a place where flies and other insects have their revenge
Some earplugs fell out from a broken window
The police got mad and started shooting at the car
Track Name: Bowelthrasher
You were entombed two days ago
I dig you up opened up the grave
Rotting and still warm a worm in your nose
I tried to pull you up buy your arm fell off
I grab your head and rip it fucking off
I kick it away like a fucking ball
From your spewing hole I pull out the guts
Use it as a jumprope I feel like twelve
Mom! Dad! Look! Look at me when I jump
Mosh! Thrash! Look! I"m standing on my head in gore
The cemetary is like a battlefield
Where I am the only alive
If you want to join my bowelthrashing cult
Just give me a call
Track Name: Kid Of The Brown Vomit
Take the head of the evil pig
Give it as a present for your wife
Sing a happy song about death
Then leave her crying on the floor
I am happy and I'm mean
I love to lie til my face is green
I am evil I beat people up
And my day always end at the hospital
Buy a doll at the toystore
Take a shit on its head
Give it to a kid in the park
Run from the kid in the brown vomit
Track Name: The Evil Pig
Covered in mud thirsty for blood
he's not like the others
Evil and pink blood he will drink
in the night he comes for a bit
He's the farmers nightmare
He eats your wife without a knife
THE EVIL PIG - King on the farm
THE EVIL PIG - Will do you harm
THE EVIL PIG - Is not from Greece
THE EVIL PIG - Stronger than the police

You will never laugh at the pigs nose again!!!
Track Name: Everything Is Shit
If you don't have a job
You get no money
And if you don't have any money
You cannot buy stuff
Your life might feel boring
Everything is shit
You're tired of your pornomags
And you reek of rotten fish
Your parents say "Get a job!"
Your friends say that you're a lucky boy
You don't know what to think
You don't know what to do cause... if you got a job
You have no life
You have to go up so early
And work all day
Your life is fucking boring
Everything is shit
When you come home you sleep
When you wake up you work
Track Name: Dance On The Frozen Desert
I murder you I butcher you
I put you in the grave
Track Name: Crowes In The Nose
I woke up cause something was wrong
My nose was swollen and I almost couldn't breathe
I touched my nose but it hurt so bad
I thought it was a nightmare so I went back to sleep
My nose started to shake
In my mouth a strong taste of salt
I was close to pass out
So I took a cab to the hospital
When the doctor saw me he gave me anesthesia immediately
I was the worst case he had ever seen
He said You have crowes in your nose
My head was ready to explode
One of my eyes popped out
The doctor ran away in tears
I guess he fell in love with me
Please let them fly away
They want to be free
They are too big to get out
So they have to live in my nose until we die
In the nose
Crowes in the nose
Track Name: Death And Insanity
You can hear them coming from the hill
Riding on goats with the speed of light
Covered with the enemies gore
They are the nightmare warriors
They ride over the sea
They bring death and insanity
They are the unstoppable horde
Oh, just let them kill you
Staring eyes Forestbeard
Dressed in their underwear
No time to sleep only time to kill
And raise their fists on the hill
Track Name: Carmolesting Dead
12 years old went out to skate
He saw the car but too late
The car was hard the boy was soft
The boy started to fuck the engine
He was too young to cum
But old enough to die
Little penis spewing blood
In the angry drivers face
An engine on the dick
A skateboard through the head
A casket was too hard to build
His family keeps him in the garage
One day the father forgot
That he kept his dead son int he garage
So when he was parking
He destroyed his fancy car
Father is mad and sad
His son is dead and his car is bad
He shouldn't have bought him that fucking skateboards
What he got was a ticket to Hell
He was too young to cum
But old enough to die
As he died he sent his family to Hell
In a broken car
Track Name: Suicide Maniac
I drive my stolen fancy car
I am drunk as hell
I don't have a license
And a minute ago I hit a policeman
I took the officers clothes
So I can look cool
I also took his gun
So I can blow my head off
So I can blow my head off
I park at a school
I walk into the classroom
I stand on the teachers desk
And boom my blood is on the kids and walls
The kids started to laugh
Throwing brains at each other
And then frank the principle came in
And took his clothes off
And took his clothes off
Track Name: Victim Of The Grind
I have sold my soul
Now it's too late
There's no turning back
I am victimized
Victim of the grind
Victim of the grind
Victim of the grind
I know I am right
For metal I will fight
Nothing can stop me
Forever I will be a
Victim of the grind
Victim of the grind
Victim of the grind
Track Name: Night Of The Ultimate Cruise [Bonus Track]
This is not obscene extreme,
This is more extreme
Like the wildest dream
In league with Jim Beam
The crew is loose, beer and booze
night of the ultimate cruise
This is not the farmers wrath
The farmer is chopped in half
let's all have a laugh
Drinking with my better half
The crew is loose, beer and booze
night of the ultimate cruise
This is not a trip to the grave
This is the ultimate trip
Captain Morgan, let it rip
You are commander of the ship
The crew is loose, beer and booze
night of the ultimate cruise

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