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Neutron Breed

by Quantum Hierarchy



Emerging from the depths of a boiling galactic bulge, blending the old school monumental darkened Death Metal vibes with a nowadays approach.

For fans of Morbid Angel, Excommunion, Incantation, Myrkskog and Arkhon Infaustus.


released March 30, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio
by Carlo Altobelli at the end of 2017.
Produced by Carlo Altobelli and Quantum Hierarchy.
Logos and artwork by Seals Of Blackening.
Session drums by Riccardo Fanara.
Guest vocals by Mattia De Fazio.
All music and lyrics by S.M, M.C. and M.B. except track #2 also by Tommaso Volpe.

S.M. - all guitars, vocals
M.C. - bass.


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all rights reserved



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Track Name: Neutron Breed
In a cosmic trance awakened by forces of unknown source
Echoes of far winds
Deep in my unconscious
Let the entities enter
Let them run and starve
Apocalyptic visions
Force the elect as the gale comes
The darkest corners of outer space
Generate light-years from earth
We are the Neutron Breed
No sun shall enlighten the curse of the path we've been chosen for
A new coming of stars and skies is leading
To the upheaval of Earth.
Track Name: The Third Of Capricornus
Between Sagittarius and Aquarius
The influence runs obscure
Another coming of what aeons ago ruled the Earth
From the sands of time alive again and might
The interstellar deformator distorts
The Formless Lord impends
It breeds a thousand times
It breeds from inside
The triumph
Unrestrainable flows
Everything is doomed.
Track Name: Mausoleum Of Eternal Abscence
Monumental bodies tied up
To columns of scum
Absence of pain
Obscenity of mind
Subdued by planets
Drowned in black fluids
Idiot souls
Ancestral logics
Run magnetic fluxes
Rule parasites
Whom live in
I will not abide
This coward enslavement
Those mental cages
To you and this shrine
I declare war
Nailed and oppressed
Calling the Obscure
It starts to regenerate.

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