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YomaBarr Proceeds from this go to the vocalist's family, the guy's on life support due to covid. Just sayin'.
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Fraz Very good, fast paced death metal. Nothing groundbreaking here, but it delivers exactly what you want from this style of music. Tight musicianship, songs are well crafted with excellent riffs, vocals and the percussion are top notch. Great for lifting your mood and getting energised!

[Edit] vocalist is fighting for life due to covid. Worth supporting for that alone. Favorite track: Collective Suffering.
Hayduke X
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Hayduke X Exceptional old school style brutal death metal. Absolutely obliterating, but with interesting riffs that never quit. This album sucker punches you over and over again. Favorite track: Mori Terrae.
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Dark times of famine, torture and disease Cursed soil soaked in blood of genocide A darker terror is at bay Opened for experimentation Rotten body fixed with circuitry Implementing their will Through neurological commands A humanoid puppet Eyes and mouth wired wide open Stomach filled with botulism Tongue fixed to spread the word of death Juggernaut of pestilence Belching fires of sickness Ravager of villages Violently spewing the spirit of the snake. Running low on the poison Explosive abdomen Bones like shrapnel Bloody acid sprays Tribes laid to waste Leaving no trace behind.
These are the times that should not be These are the moments that cannot be forgotten. These are the memories soaked in hatred. Generations of murder, the cycle must be broken. Forced to kill again, the numbers piling high. No peers. No souls. Only death. Surrounded by ill will. Rottenness everywhere. No strategy, just survive Death the only way to life. Life is only death. There's no balance. No trust, no love. Nothing left. It will never be the same. Dying everyday inside just to live again one day. The cycle can't be broken. Bred into this madness Forced to kill again, the numbers piling high. No peers. No souls. Only death. Dying in "His" name A new day to wash the sin away. The lord works in murderous ways Repentance is the way to strength Slaughter for salvation The only way to live.
Slip into the deepest stage of sleep. The stage with only one way back. Following the unlit path, uncertain of return. Harrowing cries surrounding in the black. A collective suffering. I've seemed to stray from the path. A hole beneath opens up as I fall into a pit of writhing limbs. Reaching everywhere. Violated in every way. Rotting fingernails scraping in and out. Suffocating as I scream to only me Dripping in crimson, I somehow slip away. Lost in this realm of melting bodies and piercing thorns. Hideous disfigured women surround me. Their serpentine locks force my head into theirs. Forced to take their infectious, lengthy tongues down my digestive tract. Masticating the muscle. I've succumbed to their sickening pleasures. Acceptance, there is no way out. I've come too far. Newly found reality. This erotic land erupts with gore. Landscapes of ripping skin and perpetual malady. How I've learned to love this place.
Engastration 03:20
Creatures of ingenuity With voracious appetites Lacking conscience They gather... An infant, teen and an elderly To be sacrificed in vain. Decapitate. Removal of all hair. Gutted and deboned. Interwoven, joining three- together as one Within the guts of the other Roasting the abomination. Display of degradation. Skinless legs wide open. Murmuring words of grace Before they can begin. Ritual of gratitude Their (god) shall give them strength Blessed be the barbarity.
Motionless. Accepting pain. Black noise surrounding Confusion, hope is gone Identity irrelevant No helping hand in reach Left to rot in silence Forever sustaining Insurmountable agony Suffering the insanity of endless Unheard screams. Echoing through dimensions Tortured (soul) clinging in distress. An eternity of final breaths Taken again and again. Could this be the end?.... Whipping the flesh at the boundary between realms. Surviving on the fear of the other side. A taste of clarity overcoming. Yet This has only begun Hallucinations take hold Forming in the darkness Blackened faceless figures Tearing at what's left of consciousness Decomposing thoughts Torturous final moments Only pain remains. Suffering the insanity of endless Unheard screams Echoing through dimensions Tortured (soul) clinging in distress An eternity of final breaths Taken again and again Could this be the end? No helping hand in reach Left to rot in silence Forever sustaining Insurmountable agony Motionless. Accepting pain. Black noise surrounding Confusion, hope is gone Identity irrelevant.
Matando 03:35
False sense of security Betrayed for all to see Bleeding profusely from The wounds of treachery An altercation bred from deception You must bleed with me Ending only in slaughter You must be gored and smashed Overtaken by vengeance Uncontrollable fury spewing A dizzying spell of hatred Uncontrollable fury spewing You must be impaled We bleed together in horrific display A haunting exhibition of violence I cannot be controlled Overtaken by vengeance Uncontrollable fury spewing A dizzying spell of hatred Uncontrollable fury spewing Bleeding profusely From the wounds of treachery Lost sense of security You must bleed with me Overtaken by vengeance Uncontrollable fury spewing A dizzying spell of hatred Uncontrollable fury spewing.
Mori Terrae 03:46
Extremities cut to pieces Punctured flesh grows weaker Poison in the bloodstream Salvaging black air Gathering in masses Covered in the cancer Malignant congregations Draining from within Growing at unruly rates Cries of Desperation Fevers boiling Leeches consuming Self immolation Drown them in sorrow Franticly convulsing Exploding from within "With each catastrophic event, another layer of collective spiritual grossness was peeled off of the earth" * Scratching at the surface Of a thousand scars of hatred Surging fluids Parasites devour Life depleted Killing the mother On her knees, She begs Murdered in the name of ignorance. * Taken from Paul Romano's "The Choice"
Surrogate 03:18
A burning shadow envelops you in a cloak of fear and despair. An overwhelming struggle, leads to a piercing violation of your sanctuary. Sheer panic, pain and paralysis. Limbs are removed. Stationary suffering. Dragged by the dark figure and left in subterranean misery. A bloated feeling comes over you, growing gradually with every breath. Blind to the reason that consumes you. Dark but not alone. An edible surrogate. The larvae feeds. Forced to feel yourself being fed upon by a new life- Eating it's way out of you Thriving on your insides. Essential organs saved for last. Feeling less of you intact with you. A meal for your demise. Forever left in subterranean misery. Sheer panic, pain and paralysis Blind to what consumes you.
evere drought has stricken The last fruit, picked Last blood of livestock, shed The next species is chosen to suffer Social status a determining factor Inheriting a bloodline That is doomed to be consumed Bred for cannibalistic gluttony Harvesting genocide Ingesting the torture Defecating innocence Violent feasts of indulgence Obesity runs rampant Humans gorging humans Weak self control Ravenous habitual greed Creeping through the veins A superior mindset Insatiable desire.



Featuring members of Sarcolytic, Sect Of Execration, Images of Violence, ID and Whore Of Bethlehem this is absolutely merciless golden-era brutal death coming straight out of Texas!

A group of Texas all-stars, Infuriate was founded in late 2015 in Austin by Sterling Junkin (Id, Widower, Laughing and Lying, Venereal Baptism) and Steven Watkins (Serpentian, Sect of Execration, Sarcolytic, Images of Violence). Quick to jump on board were James Vandenberg (Whore of Bethlehem) and Jason Garza (Id, Blast Perversion, Slow Grind). Needing some low end, Alan Berryman (Whore of Bethlehem, Cathexis) was summoned for bass duties and a full line up was quickly formed. After a few months, James Vandenberg parted ways on good terms. That left Infuriate with vocal and lyrical duties to deal with. Sterling stepped up for lyric writing and Jason was a perfect fit for vocal and guitar duties. A practice session was recorded by A.R. Mendez and was later used as demonstration material which can be found on their bandcamp as well as Everlasting Spew bandcamp. After about a year and a half of songwriting, 9 tracks had been arranged for Infuriate's debut self titled album. The album contains a wide range of sinister topics that focus mainly on the brutal side of nature and unconscientious human behavior. The music is highly influenced by late 90's death metal with a modern speed. All artwork for the album was done by the legendary Jon Zig. Images for every song were made for a more vivid lyric booklet. A.R. Mendez was again requested for Producing duties.

For fans of Deeds Of Flesh, Severed Savior, Severe Torture and Disavowed.


released August 31, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered by A.R. Mendez.
All music and lyrics by Infuriate
except "Mori Terrae" used with permission from Paul Romano's "The Choice"
Logo by Sterling Junkin
Art and layout by Jon Zig

Jason Garza - Guitar/Vocals
Steven Watkins - Guitar
Alan Berryman - Bass
Sterling Junkin - Battery

© 2018 Infuriate
℗ 2018 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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Everlasting Spew is a label/mailorder based in Italy with the focus to bring you selected titles from bands and labels that distinguished themselves for their quality. We come from two decades of passion and dedication into the genre.
Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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