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by Gaerea




Darkened, dissonant and furious black metal explorations converge in this great debut!

“Let’s make one thing clear. We need to stress the fact that our era is lost in a huge void of numbness. We are here to bring and present you what your system could not solve by itself. We’ll cover the daylight with ashes and smash the massive skull that’s blocking your brain and will to evolve. We’re GAEREA.”

For fans of Mgła, Downfall Of Gaia, Behemoth, Celeste


released November 11, 2016

Produced, mixed and mastered by John Bart Van Der Wal at Hewwtower Studios in the Netherlands
Music & Lyrics by Gaerea
Art by Gaerea
Videos by Gaerea


©+℗ 2016 Everlasting Spew Records under exclusive license


all rights reserved



Everlasting Spew Records Brescia, Italy

Everlasting Spew is a label/mailorder based in Italy with the focus to bring you selected titles from bands and labels that distinguished themselves for their quality. We come from several years of experience in the past and two decades of passion and dedication into the genre.
Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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Track Name: Santificato
Crawling on the edge of the abyss
Tasting all the tears of the deadman....
A sea of corpses, waves of blood
The smell of old flesh
Makes me feel a brand new man
Nails piercing through my hands
Spikes on my feet
Walk on the light of a new world
No pain
No suffering
They helped me to see a better... future

Stabs on the back
Carrying the weight of all my sins
There's no more selfish passion
Kills more than the sword
Take mankind to the grave
Poverty will reach it fast.

Great anger will end in madness
No one is really worth
The infinitely little have it infinitely great.
Track Name: Final Call
This life where we live its so bored, depressive
No one knows why we born we called sick to grown up alone
Raised by mans sick and tired they worked hard
Gave us the best that they could give and we were not able to succeed
Feeling shit over to the ground buried deep feeling
Our bones crushing one by one
Fingernails bitted till we bleed
This pain is so good is our reason to live

Why we all fight if the end is the same?
Six feet under is deep enough to make us equal like an unborn child
Black or white we want to be someone
We are all made of choices so why do we choose the wrong one?
War is not the answer to stop this carnage
So stand up and face it

Trust? tell me the definition of trust
We all now what it means
So, why don’t we trust?
Mistakes? we are made of mistakes
A lie lead us to the grave
We all die in vain

This hole, where i am in it’s so warm, renewing
Everyone knows where we go to a better place called home
Purgatory is our final goal
Enemies, family in the same place same hole
Hell rings
This is our final call
Io left this disgusting body and became only soul
All in the same place
All in the same hole

mistakes? we are made of mistakes
A lie lead us to the grave
We all die in vain
Trust? tell me the definition of trust
We all now what it means
So, why don’t we trust?
Track Name: Pray To Your False God
The life as ended now…
Why you spend your time doing that
Trusting in a image of something you never seen
Feeding animals like pigs
Make them fat make them ugly
Cover them in gold
Raise your hands and pray to your false god

Do you smell them they smell like shit
why do you trust on their wise words?
So cover us with your blood you still trust on their wise words?
Written in a book that you never read they hide the truth, behind images
Shoot fast as a gun kill more than a bomb!
They hide the truth, behind images
Children sent to the fire they violated their minds like a pedophile
You know what they are
You pretend you don’t know them
Church on the sunday you work for the money
Took your ring out when you have an affair
Get drunk while you’re out and cheat your own wife
Beat down on kids and you pray every night

Pater noster, qui es in caelis;
Sanctificetur nomen tuum;
Adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie;
Et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris;
Et ne nos inducas in tentationem;
Sed libera nos a malo

Why you follow them if you break all the rules you know in the deep of your heart
They are not right
But you need to be jus one more sheep and join the herd
You still follow the rules
Of your false god
Track Name: Through Time
Cold winds blows from the top of your head
If you heard the sound you are definitely deaf
Door is closed now theres no way to escape
You climb, you fall, you fell only the hate
When you were born no colour u choose
Open your eyes don’t keep them closed
Why you break a leg just for yourself?
Why you hang in there for someone else?

Just put yourself into a corner
Don’t stay so quiet looking at the others
Realize, you have a life to live
Don’t be someone that you don’t want to be
When you grow up you’ll see the others
Mumper and homeless without any future
We born sick without a life
Fighting for nothing dead inside

Hear noises in our heads
They screamso loud
They made us Deaf
Deaf, we are forever
Cursed, for eternity
Blood as Gas
Meat as Money
Blood as Gas
Meat as Money
Deaf, we are forever
Cursed, for eternity

Hear noises in our heads
They scream so loud, for what?

They made us Deaf
Deaf, we are, are forever
forever, eternity
We born so sick without a life
Fighting for nothing we are Dead inside
don’t stay so quite in your mocking corner
Track Name: Void Of Numbness
Sulphur is the smell that guide you through an open door
Freedom is now yours as u walk further on this trail

Broken window,
Dead bird
You have realized
What you’ve heard

You scream for silence
You yell for pain
You just want to be quiet
On this pleasant dream
It burns you must feel
Your flesh going to ashes

In the end what are you?
Just ashes like everybody

You’ll feed the worms
You no need no casket
Just a deep hole
Where they gonna left your body
Rotting to nothing
Just a deep hole

Want to hear them crying?
Want to fell their pain?
Why have put a fucking bullet
Through your brain
Remember your last words?
No chance to say good bye
9mm was your best friend
No you have no time for regrets
No chance to turning back

As you pick this trail, at least this is endless
I hope you get lost as you get on the trail of your life
This is the end, my dear friend
Track Name: Endless Lapse
Release the pain that guides you to madness
Insanity just makes you a laudable man

The path of light is not
Always the right way for you to go

You need to face
You need to face a darkest road

You survive just one more day,
Dreaming that tomorrow everything will be ok

Upon the darkness came in and fell the spell
Self indulgence, is what guides us to hell
Father is dead, no one can save your soul

You are condemned to live with their blood in your hands

Walk on the line,
Follow the abysm
And turn off the light that guides you...

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