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Blackest Horizon

by Valgrind




One year after the release of the "Seal Of Phobos" EP, the Italian combo Valgrind return with their Old School Death Metal formula full of ripping riffs, harsh vocals and tons of memorable solos for their third full length "Blackest Horizon."

Valgrind was born from the ashes of the ultra-underground act Necrospell in 1993 as a Death-Black project with both extreme and melodic influences. During the following years the band released four demos and developed its own style, combining the main influences (early florida Death Metal) with a strong sense of melody and a passion for the dark atmospheres of bands like Candlemass and early Paradise lost. Valgrind disbanded in 2003, but the strong will to return on stage of both founding member and main songwriter Massimiliano Elia and vocalist Daniele Lupidi (also frontman of Hateful) made the return possible in 2008. 2012 was the year of their debut album "Morning Will Come No More", almost one hour of classic Death Metal, filled with killer solos, memorable riffs and obscure vocals.
With a renewed line-up (featuring Gianmarco Agosti from the italian hardcore legend Raw Power) Valgrind performed at many important shows in Italy, Germany, Holland and Sweden. In 2013 the band started working on the new album, entitled "Speech of the Flame", a very aggressive, yet diverse and dynamic collection of songs. The music strays away from the early influences to become more personal, while the lyrical concept deals with the darkest sides of the ancient mediterranean civilities.
in 2016, Umberto Poncina (ex-member of Unbirth/Demiurgon/Saturno) replaced Massimo Vezzani and contributed to the realization of the EP "Seal Of Phobos" that was released in 2018 for Everlasting Spew Records as a sort of appetizer for "Blackest Horizon."

For fans of Pestilence, Monstrosity, Nocturnus, Morbid Angel.


released May 25, 2018

Produced by Valgrind
Drums and Bass recorded at Art Distillery Studio by Claudio Mulas
Vocals recorded at Dysfunction Studio by Eddy Cavazza
Guitars and Keyboards recorded by Umberto Poncina and Massimo Vezzani
Mixed by Umberto Poncina (umbertomaveth@gmail.com)
Mastered by Andrea Piola
Cover Artwork by Daniele Lupidi (paintingtheabyss@gmail.com)
Layout by Leila Farsi Nezhad

Daniele Lupidi - Vocals/bass
Massimiliano Elia - Lead and rhythm guitars/keyboards
Umberto Poncina - Rhythm and lead guitars/keyboards
Gianmarco Agosti - Drums


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Track Name: Victorious
Days that men shall remember
Clouds and winds while you hope to die
To be an endless divinities chantry
Forever unbound in ages

Held high the horns
Ablaze the sky
The steel of conqueror
The sumptuous creed

The titan’s blood
Inside my veins
A satin blood
Upon my hands

Summoning the oaths of the elders
The ultimate chants before oblivion
Cast into unacceptable defeat
The words of whose invoke sacred glory
Held high the horns
Ablaze the sky
The steel of conqueror
The sumptuous creed

The titan’s blood
Inside my veins
A satin blood
Upon my hands

Rivalry among the kings
One will stand, one will kill
By the will of the Gods...
Rivalry among the kings
One will stand, one will kill
I am victorious.
Track Name: Sunken Temple Of Initiated
Into dungeons forbidden to the most
Elitist rituals only a few heard of
Ascending to a higher power

Burn the flame of knowledge through
the cult of slaughtered bull
The swords we raise in glory

The inferior will not be allowed

Through strength and chaos
the mighty one wipes away
Only to regenerate
The blood renews itself

Continuous change
Our god we emulate
While we retain the power
With iron will, inexorable

The inferior will not be allowed
Mithra’s will be my will

Our ambition the perfection of the soul
Through the seven spheres we’ll reborn
We drank the blood spilled over
from the veins
Of the sacred beast,
the life-germinating fluid
Now the dust
of these eroded walls
Marks the passing
of the time
The glorious days have been substituted
by the ignorance
May the sacred cult rise again.
Track Name: Third And Last
Chilling screams are ascending higher and higher
The final resistance proved vain
Slain are the defenders, their blood adorn the streets
The temple of Eshmun is in flames

Piercing their flesh one by one

Rivers of tears, the only affluents left
No negotiations to save their souls
Empire’s wrath, the touch of hell
The deadliest siege ever seen

Now this torrid skies
will fall like shrouds
On a doomed civilization
The desert winds will howl
among the crumbled walls
For ages to come

Horrid tales of war will be told
In the years to come
She thrown herself in the flames
After she cut her children’s throat

To curse the soil the salt will be rubbed
Inside the injuries that will never heal
The sands of time reclaim everything
A grim preview of a common destiny.
Track Name: The Blackest Horizon
Dying suns are trembling
The darkest force advances mercilessly
Knowledge is useless
in this distorting reality

Transcending physical laws,
no way back from this domain
Where perception is just
vanishing recollection
Dissolving landscapes
Blurred shapes of despair

The ground revolts itself
as my mind separates from flesh

No rectitude could save us now
All sins purified
The course of time deformed
In this epilogue of the events
Kronos defeated, all history erased

My limbs extirpated
Sucked into an paradoxical reality
Mutating cells, the deadliest
of the embraces
When the cosmos itself
is swallowed

The blasphemy of the void
Eraser of the flesh.
Track Name: Sacrificial Journey
For many centuries
Far from the sun
At one with emptiness
The key of the underworld
The vision outside
Breakdown through space and time
Continuum of the void

When will it starts?
When will we born?
To be the rays in the endless light
When past and present
When future shines
To be the end of this sacrificial journey

Born Secretly
Complete form of death
And replace my own Being
Shine Endlessly
Consume all memories
Of the unperfection earth

Watch the liquid mornig star
Electric parts and atoms feed
Suffocate the ice
Burn the air
Burn the winds
Burn the entirety of mankind
Burn in molten wax

When will it starts?
When will we born?
To be the rays in the endless light
When past and present
When future shines
To be the end of this sacrificial journey

Born Secretly
Complete form of death
And replace my own being
Shine Endlessly
Consume all memories
Of the unperfection earth.
Track Name: The Empire Burns
The empire burns
The legacy of chaos
is spreading through the lands
Thorns of wisdom
A progress destined
to evolve into madness

Melting the bones
Of a structure once untouched
Fierce rage revamped
The ancestral teeth grow again
Bastard sons of Gaia
It’s own condemnation
An epoch of earthly gods ends
It’s crimson twilight
shines through the cosmic space

Among the ruins of paradise
Rivers of bloodstream
quench our thirst
Extracting the blade from the bodies
Of those who share our destiny
Cleanse this world forever

Darkness entangles a path
Carved in the flesh of the earth
The transition has begun
New era is not ours to see

The inevitable end
These worn-out columns
will crumble to dust
Covering our solitude
A burial ground for our disaggregation.
Track Name: The Fist
I’ve been a warrior
since the beginning of time
Since the beginning
my eyes were of fire
Bloody pride, endless line of victims
Endless will to be a Demi-God…

Bring me heroes for you mortals

I rise my sword made of skeletons
My fist rises from the hades depths
I claim my right to destroy
All your multitudes enslaved by power
The power of the mighty breed

Through the dust, the bones and ruins
Only vultures scream
as they cut the flesh
Thunder words not to forget
What’s my name
your flesh will know soon!

Bring me heroes for you mortals
Bring me battles to taste my strength
Face the essence of fear
The chilling feel to be in front of me.
Track Name: Last Angel (Into The Unknown)
The tales revealed dark truths
My daydreams became blurred and abstract
Infinite white distance before me
My body is lighter than air

Suddenly the earth turns red
The ground starts to fade
Enormous chasm, the deepest wound
My blood is ablaze

Sucked into the vortex
Is this the Eden they described?
Only blood red smoke I can see
Demonic tides and ominous lightnings

Still uncertainty crushes my soul
I approach the abyss
I’m not alone, shining machines
A dark force attracts me

An empire of the light
In the dark center of the earth
My mind librates
towards the unknown.
Track Name: Last Angel (The Psychonaut)
“To the immortals
Who dwell beneath
I now beg for mercy
My mind shall be spared”

The horizon is only a pale recollection
The dying sun I see no more
Replaced by a fluctuating light
Blinding entities
They rule these planes of existence

As I try not to get caught
In a pit of desperation
They inoculate their chants
Under my skin, my senses are weakened
Unexplored tunnels of the mind
Why do they haunt me?
The things I see can’t be true
I am caught in a web of illusions

The burning depths of Gaia
Portals to dimensions unknown
Majestic beings made of raw energy
They are haunting my dreams
The light they emanates
is the knowledge

Cryptic messages
The Hades language
Their angelic mouths
The sharpest tooth.
Track Name: Last Angel (Hades Horseman)
The opening of the eyes
Their cold mechanic voices in my head
The tractor beam inverts its power
As a projectile I’m flying
toward the outer world

An angel in flesh and blood
Sent to the most hidden recesses
My unaware mission
A psychonaut,
testimony of a distant dimension

Were they real beings
Or shining entities spawned by my mind?
As I return to the previous reality
A bleeding sunlight welcomes me
It will never be the same
A stranger now I am
Their cybernetic hidden world
left me irreparable scars
The nether gods implants
Into my brain and soul

The windows I opened
cannot be closed
There will be a time when
I’ll reunite with them
My secret
I am the Hades Horseman.

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