by Fractal Generator



Canadian Sci-Fi Tech-Death junkies Fractal Generator will explode into your brain like the brightest supernova! Astounding drumming, fret burning activities and solid compositions drive you through the deep space journey you could only experience in your worst nightmares!

For fans of Zyklon, Wormed, (early) Decapitated and Soreption.


released May 19, 2017

Produced by Fractal Generator
Recorded at Soundhouse Studio
Mixed by Darren Favot
Mastered by Darren Favot
Cover artwork by Darren Favot
Band Photography by Danyelle Bedard

040118180514 - Bass, Vocals
040114090512 - Drums
102119200914 - Guitar, Vocals


©+℗ 2017 Everlasting Spew Records



all rights reserved


Everlasting Spew Records Brescia, Italy

Everlasting Spew is a label/mailorder based in Italy with the focus to bring you selected titles from bands and labels that distinguished themselves for their quality. We come from several years of experience in the past and two decades of passion and dedication into the genre.
Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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Track Name: Cycle
Grown from the dust

to perceive the whole entity

it's what we are and why we'll be
born constantly

creating mental fuel

we turn the gears

the cycle refines increasingly





seeding... will we escape

feeding... from the unknown

breathing... what will we face

growing... renewing


endless... unknown...




so lost

the Cycle


us all.
Track Name: Face Of The Apocalypse
Endless replication

a cancerous mutation

of the mother Earth

merciless consumption

an unprecedented emergency

natural resources fade

awareness of looming apocalypse

fading resources used for war

catastrophic mayhem

ash blocks out the sun

billions dead

natural growth ends

imminent end of human life

this planet can no longer support us all

resources shift to space

the Earthen human race

the time has come

look in the face of the apocalypse

see the death and destruction you have caused...

Track Name: Abandon Earth
The Earth in ruin and decay
we say goodbye to these Earthen days
boarding unused vessels to escape
never having been in outer space
amidst the darkness of these skies,
the end was imminent for some time
a second chance to begin anew
the sum of human knowledge applied

microscopic chemical synthesis
the Martian landscape will transform

living in shuttles most survived
as we began to build a second life
spawning generations of martiankind
our blood will become the Martian soil

amidst the darkness of Martian skies
evil minds had formed a hive
a fallacy of mass destruction
order to chaos – will the human spirit survive?
Track Name: Into The Unknown
Hallucinations programmed in the mind
to perceive new dimensions
hidden in space and time
delving further into our deepest desires
slowly progressing humanity
explore; transcend

exploring the unknown realms
our bodies are immortal shells
state of mind customized
a new reality

seed of consciousness
the use of technologies to open gateways to the unknown
dawn of a new evolution
the opportunity to comprehend what we could not before

integration of fantasy and reality
free from moral obligation

transcending reality through programmed transformation
the need to remove your feet from the earth
the revelation of uncovering these new dimensions
technological reality manipulation

technological thought processes
manufactured reality
formulation of illusion
obscure; concealed
manifestations of cerebral conception are revealed

integration of fantasy and reality
free from moral obligation
a chance thrive or waste our lives
a new line will be drawn
will we thrive in programmed states?
the face of a new dawn
Track Name: Paragon
our flame is burning bright
deciding our own fate

blissful existence
perfection realized
the formula for empathy
destruction is no more
enter this universe
see the precision
paragon of perfection
what else could we need?

where death does not exist,
neither does life

a droning existence
devoid of all meaning

our flame is burning bright
to decide our own fate

paragon of perfection
what else could we need?
the impossible has been achieved...
Track Name: Human
Here we are
constructing the same mistakes; rebuilding
the veil of normalcy begins to fade
we become aware
evacuation of this perfect civilization
normalized military power and control
all is identified
civilians mean nothing
to this perfect system
we are just data

a signal receiver
a higher deceiver

is this our fate,
to die amongst the stars?
who guides our destiny?
violence and subversion
cruelty and hate

a weightless trail of fire in the sky
time is of the essence
there is no room for second thoughts in this escape
this is do or die

a signal receiver
a higher deceiver
Track Name: The Singularity
Apex of human engineering
feeding our bodies and our minds
interconnected system
blessing to mankind

this was to conquer pain
it began as a child of the collective
possibilities unknown
but it was too good to be true
a power so great, it can’t be stopped

inconceivable hell
it began unknown and undetected
now death is everywhere
is there nothing we can do?

Apex of human destruction
polluting our bodies and the skies
an unsustainable system
killing all mankind

“Never before,
in the history of human civilization,
has the fate of so many people
been in the hands of so few”

I see death
walking amongst us
in this eternal state of fear
we are already dead.
Track Name: Synthetic Symbiosis
Time created
atmosphere of poison
plagues those who remain
death toll rising faster
a race without a planet
daily survival is life

fear of the end of human life
fuels us to act, the will to survive
immortality... the human dream
we'll put our souls into machines

a race against the clock for humanity
will we finish in time? will we survive?

database of human intricacies
self-contained on the network
large scale system of replication
conceived by those who remain

symbiotic man
systematic beings
synthesis of our DNA
symbiotic man
systematic beings
technological singularity
the next evolution

psychological replication
complete memory continuation
eternalizing the soul
through systems that cannot fail

Earth, uninhabitable wasteland
poisoned by ignorance and greed
slowly killing those who cannot find escape
transfer our lives into machines

this system will live on
a vessel for human history
will humanity ever be the same?
will we meet ourselves again?