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by Psychotomy




A blend of punishing, obscure and dissonant Death Metal!
Psychotomy are back with their sophomore album!

Psychotomy is an italian metal band born in the autumn of 2010. The band, initially oriented towards a thrash style, gradually became more and more contaminated by Death Metal Technicalities and completed the full evolution into a Death Metal sound with the release of the "Transcend The Absolution" EP.
2015 saw the release of their debut album "Antinomia" but it's with the inclusion of Matt into the line-up that the band brought a more darker and gloomy sound to the compositions as testified in the video of their “Evidence of Tyranny” demo version that you can also hear on "Aphotyk" in a brand new and fully improved guise.

For fans of Immolation, Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum and Phobocosm.


released September 28, 2018

Produced and Mixed by M. Ventura, 2018
Recorded by M. Ventura at Black Pill Studio - Padova - ITA
Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio - Florida - USA
Assistant Engineer S. Cerchiaro
Artwork and Layout by View From The Coffin
Marco “Ser” plays bass on “Kenosis” and “Blood Red Kvlt”

L.D.R. - Guitars/Vocals
I.B. - Guitars
M.V. - Drums/Bass


© 2018 Psychotomy
℗ 2018 Everlasting Spew Records


all rights reserved



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Death, grind and doom, this is what we deal with.
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Track Name: Towards The Pillars Of Chaos / Kenosis
Drink from chalice of defeat
Immersed in everyone's contempt
Our destiny is condemned
condemned to ineptitude

Our being is eroded
Embrace the resentement
Sentenced to imprisonement
I close my eyes to nightmares

Empty and vile
Gripped by fear

You will find tranquillity through your
throrough your sacrifice
Through deception you hide your weak

Dragged down slowly
Become worthless
Utterly forsaken
Called to appear

The truth is covered
(by a) corrupted control
Condemned to an
existence of abuses

One cannot bury the past
but sin can be brought out
Track Name: Evidence Of Tyranny
Scour our mins for deceit
In darkness of flesh we
exist to not avail without faith
We kneel in deception

Bare horizons, nomad soul
condemned to fail further

Walk among ruins of (our) destinies
Hasty graves dismaying

Stare into the eyes
but you dare not speak
Track Name: Witness Of Void
Torn to pieces, mortified and celebrated in pain
exceptional torment and utterly forsaken
In a hopeless prison
we burn in despair
Eternal failure
in a withered age

look at the defeat
we can't retreat
Look at the devil
that drags below

The truth is covered
by (a) corrupted control
Walking alongside
the resignation
Silenced by the blind, condemned to sink again
The corrupt will take us to immolate ruins

We remain total immobile
We are the witness of void

Our spots being blackens
Epitaphs cannot bear misery
Hider condemned to the truth
In desolation we understand
Track Name: Blasphemous Inception
Part of human
sway to the bring
Moral values
Fail in disuse

Feed the horror
of human nature
Our visions
in the abyss of man

Poisoned deception
and nourished with
deep resignation
The truth in knee to immolate itself

Head for unfulfilled
Broken promise
Threat on the face for imminent empity

Evoking. Failed. Deceit promises
In agony beyond any salvation

Bloody coexistence
prolonged until indecency
Dissipated from inside
Trap is placed and fate decided
Track Name: Blood Red Kvlt
From the ashes
awakens a fire
surrender to
what you cannot know

The anguish will
surround yourself
your reputation
in ruin at my feet

Your whole story
will be forgotten
I weave your
rope of satin

Chaos is the bread I eat

by the
of hate

I'll reduce in ash all around you
I'll reduce in ash under a full blood moon

The one who was betrayed will be the king again
Track Name: Ascent Through Malevolence
Pending perversion
force something fragile
Docile and servile
walk in the way of masochism

Swallow polemics
and empty silence
Remove the mask to
the wretched tyrant

Ascent through malevolence

Futility and frustration mark, our vain progress like daily poison
Distorted reality tarnished and sweet, years with faded, words to burn

Fate, tragic and deserved, regurgitates its judgment
remove the gag of lies, the mouth is chocked by filth

Dangle with wide open eyes of those who expect the end
Inside the fracture mind between compassion and hatred

Ascent through malevolence
Track Name: Conjuring The Abyss
Abyss piles up and devours whole shoot
We are a myriad of loneliness
Lament for the dead and funeral rites
we are become the priest of chaos and death

Conjuring the abyss

I rise a song of death and chaos
ascends the ancestral terror emerged
From the depths of time evoking darkness
Drowning in the sky without horizon
Track Name: Beyond The Eternal Omega
The sky turns to black
Disquiet takes root and grips
We wander confused
fragile and condemned

To our end
To not avak

Death and Chaos celebrating their union
evoking havoc
Through the work of fire we will
die in our turn

To our end
To not avak

I am the eye

I am the eye
of our distress
We are nothing
Track Name: Lethe
Following the path of
Left on his own, stripped
of everything

Darkness is clear to them,
is absolute
The Earth is silent in

Protected, resting in the world unseen
Our senses, floating in complete darkness

Where darkness is met by the cold
Sudden silenced of an eclipse
The slight freeze in the air
The long absence of the sun

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